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Some say that this is a dream come true! The Ultrasonic Vaporiser also acts as an Air Purifier, Ioniser, Aroma Diffuser and Night Lamp. No more condensation, because there is no heating element, the ultrasonic wave technology works on the vibration of the water at such a speed that water vapours are dispersed into the atmosphere to add moisture to the environment. The unit stays cool to touch and the vapours are cool so it is perfectly safe to place anywhere in the room, without fear of bacteria forming on soft furnishings. With over 6 lighting colours that can rotate or be set on the one colour or switched off, the unit is quiet, compact, attractive and safe to place in the nursery or children’s’ bedrooms. The automatic safety feature ensures that the Vaporiser switches off once the water has depleted, so you can go about your busy day without the worry of a dangerous electrical situation. The unit’s multiple functionality means that it is more than a Vaporiser.

Can be used with pure essential oils but needs to be cleaned out after every use to avoid build up of oils.

The vapouriser will work for 4 hours on the continuous mode and up to 8 hours on the intermittent mode.

Operation Procedure:

  • Remove the clear top to add water
  • Use cold tap water to fill to the line marked "max"
  • Add up to five drops of essential oils in the water or simply operate with water olny.
  • Replace the clear capped top securely and insert the supplied nozzle to avoid water spurting out.
  • Follow the instructions for the opertaing panel to use your unit effeciently.

Safety Precautions

  • Only the supplied power is to be used with this unit.
  • Pure essential oils only can be used with this unit.
  • Unit can operate with or without essential oils.
  • Do not add warm or hot water to the unit.
  • Ensure that there is airflow/ventilation around the unit whilst operating.
  • Do not attempt to fill the unit with water or add essential oils whilst in operating mode. Always switch the unit off first.
  • Unit should never be immersed in water.
  • Do not use detergents, solvents or aggressive agents to clean the vapouriser.
  • The water tank needs to be cleaned after every use. Use a soft cloth to wipe the water tank clean after it is emptied of any water.
  • Do not switch the unit on without water in the water tank.
  • Ensure that the unit is not placed near hot services or smoke.
  • Damaged power cords shuld not be used under any circumstances.
  • Cold tap water is recommended for use in the unit only.

 Trouble shooting:

Symptom: The power supply can not be switched on


a) There is insufficient water in the water tank. Simply fill the water tank to the max line. OR

b) The AC Adaptor is not connected properly. Ensure that the connection between the product and the socket is correctly plugged in before trying to switch on the unit again.

Symptom: Unit is not misting

Cause: There is insufficient water in the water tank. Simply fill the water tank to the max line.

Symptom: Mist cannot be properly


a) The water line the water tank has exceeded the max. water line which will not allow the mist to be produced properly. Remove the excess water form the tank ensuring that it reaches the max. line.

b) The ceramic disk is corroded. Clean inside the water tank with a soft clean cloth and cotton bud.

c) The floating ring inside the water tank is blocked. Pull the white ring forward and back slightly and make suere it is floating freely in the water.

d) The anion outlet at the back of the unit is blocked by dust. This will reduce the colume of air flow. Removeany dust or dirt from teh anion outlet and ensure theat there is sufficient airflow / ventilation around the unit.

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