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The Happiest Baby DVD

The Happiest Baby

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’What every mother needs are simple tools that really work, and Harvey’s do" Michelle Pfeiffer

’I found ’The Happiest Baby’ so incredible, it provided the inspiration to launch The Sleep Store" Louise Tanguay

This is the most valuable purchase you can possibly make if you are expecting, or have just had, a new baby. It also makes a fantastic gift for new parents, as you are giving them the gift of a sleeping baby!

The Happiest Baby DVD

Watch this incredible DVD and learn these amazing skills:

  • Calm your newborn baby crying in seconds
  • Help your baby nap longer and sleep through the night earlier.
  • Control colic symptoms including ’uncontrollable’ crying in the late afternoon.
  • The most effective swaddling technique ever - your baby will sleep at least an extra hour or two per sleep.

Dr Harvey Karp teaches you the 5S’s - Swaddling, Swinging, Side/Stomach, Sssshhing and Sucking.

Individually the 5S’s are great for calming crying and improving newborn sleep. Together they make ’The Cuddle Cure - the instant way to stop even the msot difficult baby’s crying!

The DVD is an easy way to learn these simple but amazing techniques. It’s great way for both new parents to become confident calming their baby and ensure they can both easily settle baby down to sleep.

Dr Karp, a practising pediatrician and child specialist for over twenty-five years, has developed a unique and revolutionary program. This is based on his research into how cultures throughout history and arournd the world have nurtured and quietened their babies. This information is also available in the book ’Baby Bliss’.

We highly recommend  these techniques for babies 0-3 months. Once babies are over 3 months, we recommend gradually weaning off using rocking or jiggling for settling, as babies eventually need to learn to settle in their bed.


’A must read! Dr Karp offers insightfulness into parenting by combining ancient and modern wisdom. Our baby boy respnded to the Five S’s immediately!’ Pierce Brosnan.

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