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About Us

The Sleep Store was established in Auckland, New Zealand in 2006 as a one stop shop for tired parents. Yes we're Kiwis and ship from Auckland but we have helped thousands of Australian parents over the years and our customers are super happy with our fast shipping across the Tasman.

We are still based in Auckland and our aim is to provide solutions to calm crying, settle newborn babies, and help babies, toddlers and big kids sleep through the night - Aussie or Kiwi.

We believe that the first months of parenthood should be enjoyable not stressful, and not nearly as exhausting as many parents experience. With the right information and some simple tools, you can quickly learn to calm any crying and help your baby sleep much longer.

We also believe that many parents are suffering unnecessary sleep deprivation, with older babies and toddlers who are not sleeping through the night. A lot of night waking is habit rather than anything else, and with some changes the whole family can benefit from a full night's sleep.

Recent research has shown that many cases of post-natal depression could be significantly improved if mum gets a full night sleep, as sleep deprivation is so closely linked to depression. So there is a very compelling reason for encouraging older babies to sleep better as soon as possible.

The Sleep Store is owned by Louise Tanguay and Matt Anderson, Auckland parents of Jack (12) and Tom (9), and Ben (7) and Eddie (4).


But your website looks like you are in Australia?

Nope we are right here in Auckland, New Zealand. We are totally upfront that we are a New Zealand business and always have been!

Yes our prices are in A$ and our website for our Australian customers is a, but this is purely to make shopping with us as simple as possible for our Australian customers.

We are based in Auckland and ship to Australia using speedy courier services Monday to Friday.


Our inspiration:

Louise discovered Dr Harvey Karp's incredible book 'The Happiest Baby' when Jack was 8 weeks old. The book's techniques were very effective at calming Jack's crying and helping him learn to sleep through the night.

Louise and Matt have used the same techniques with Tom, Ben and Eddie. The Happiest Baby techniques were also very effective for calming Tom's crying from reflux when he was little. Eddie was a very windy baby and the techniques were again put to the test, with the addition of the amazing NZ made Rhuger Mixture to get those stubborn middle of the night burps up!

Louise and Matt are delighted to bring the world's best baby sleep solutions to New Zealand parents through this website. The Sleep Store's product range is sourced from around the world, and many of them are not available elsewhere in NZ.

Community & professional organisations:

The Sleep Store are members of 3 professional organisations, as we take the responsibility of selling sleep products and providing sleep information very seriously. We are members of the Australasian Sleep Association, Sleep Health Foundation and the Infant & Nursery Products Association of Australia. In addition The Sleep Store is a member of the Auckland Chamber of Commerce.

Louise's background is in senior retail management, including Channel Productivity Manager at Telecom and General Manager Retail at Hallensteins. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Education, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration.

Matt's background is in strategic policy and management roles with the Accident Compensation Corporation (Policy, Account Management and Branch Management) and the British Medical Assn. He holds a Master of Arts in Philosophy.

Matt and Louise are also heavily involved with Titirangi Playcentre, balancing working at The Sleep Store with serious time in the sandpit, water play and every way you can get mucky with small children!

We are also passionate supporters of Oxfam - it is our chosen charity to support wherever we can. Louise has twice walked the 100km Oxfam Trailwalker and has helped raise over $27,000 for Oxfam.

We also support a number of other charitable projects, including our own Bag to Sleep project - supplying sleeping bags to vulnerable babies, with a particular focus on babies of teen parents.


Our office & warehouse

In August 2014 we finally bit the bullet and moved The Sleep Store out of our Titirangi home and into a warehouse in Auckland. . Having the extra space is fantastic and means its not such a squash and a squeeze.

Sorry we don't have branches or places you can view our wonderful range! But we do have a fabulous refund or exchange policy, so you can buy with confidence and return anything not suitable.




Our team

We are very fortunate to have a wonderful team at The Sleep Store - we are all dedicated to providing you with the best possible customer service.


Office Manager - Joanne

Joanne is our super efficient Office Manager, who keeps us all organised. Jo works at the speed of light, packs orders like we've never seen before and is super efficient with everything else that needs doing round here. Jo has 3 boys aged from 13 to 19. Jo also runs our Returns and Exchanges department, so please contact Joanne & her team with any questions about this topic.


Marketing - James, Georgie, Rachel & Amelia

James produces all our wonderful email newsletters, website banners and print marketing. James has adorable young daughters and a son and often tries out our products before including them in newsletters. If you are interested in working with The Sleep Store on marketing matters, please contact James on

Georgie is looks after our photography and videos, and helps with lots of other marketing.  Amelia is our social media coordintor and Rachel is our team wordsmith, writing all our product descriptions and editing all our ramblings.


Accounts - Susan & Carrie

Our Accounts team is made up from our wonderful accountant, Susan and her new assistant Carrie. If you have a question about your account with us, as either a supplier or customer, including layby queries, please contact Susan on


Babywearing consultants - Louise, Julie and Joanne

We are fortunate to have a team of people passionate about babywearing. Louise, Joanne and Julie are certified babywearing consultants. Alysha is also excellent with carrier fittings. If you have a question about choosing the perfect carrier or want to book a carrier fitting, please contact us on 


Sleep Coaches - Andrina & Maria

At The Sleep Store we are passionate about helping parents to choose a plan for better sleep and providing support for parents as they make any changes. Our Sleep Coach service is provided free of charge to Sleep Store customers. You can access our Sleep Coach team through our Facebook Sleep Support Groups.


Customer Service team - Alysha, Bayley, Diana, Natalia, Keiran, Cherrelle & Julie.

Our wonderful team of customer service team are here to help! All our team have been with us for quite some time, so they are knowledgeable and expert at providing exceptional customer service. Please contact our team on