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Your tiny precious bundle is over 3 months old...congratulations you've survived the first few months of newborn insanity!  We all know that newborns wake a lot in the night, but over the 3 months stage you may be keen to build great sleep habits and slowly encourage longer stretches of night sleep. Some babies still need several night feeds and others are happy with just a dreamfeed....all babies are different and never more so than during this amazing stage!

Catnapping can be a huge cause of stress for parents during this stage, it can feel you are spending your entire day either settling baby for a nap or trying to get baby to resettle.

By 6 months, a lot of parents are absolutely shattered and are feeling a desperate need for more sleep. Your baby may have been sleeping through and have started waking a lot again.....this is super common for babies over 5 months, we have all the info you need.

Over 9 months is a time of significant development and transition for wee ones, which can have a huge impact on their sleep. Baby is no longer an young infant but not quite a toddler.
The 3 to 12 month stage is a period of disruption and new challenges. Once you feel like you've mastered one stage with your little one they are quickly on to the next. A lot of questions come up during this stage.
If you need advice don't forget to join our Sleep Support Groups curated by our trained sleep coaches for free tips and advice. 
We hope you find our information on this stage useful and that you find tips that fit well with your parenting philosophy. 



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