Choosing the right sleeping bag for your baby or toddler:


Factors to consider.

Trying to decide which sleeping bag or sleep sack is right for your baby can be hard.

The main factors to consider here are: Size, tog rating or warmth, sleepwear combinations, zip position, fabric & filling types & need for a buggy slot.

We have dozens of options to choose from in our range. Use the guides and videos below to narrow down the options to the one which will suit your baby's needs best.

The video shown here gives an good introduction in to what to look for in a good quality sleeping bag and which factors to weigh up when choosing one. This video focuses mainly on winter weight sleeping bags which are ideal for the colder times of the year. We also have a link below to our mid-weight sleeping bag video if you are interested in sleeping bags for the rest of the year. Both videos give a good overview of the brands that we offer and many of the differences between them.

Read on for further info plus you can use the links on the Sleeping Bag department page for more sleeping bag guides and related sleep articles.


Sleeping Bags


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  • - Please choose the right size for your baby now, not for the future.
  • - While it may seem better value to buy something she will 'grow into', you risk buying something that is not safe now. With a sleeping bag that is too big, your baby may slide round inside it or slip down inside the neck.
  • - Generally sleeping bags & sleep sacks are available in 0-6 months, 6-18 months and 18-36 months. Most merino bags are available in newborn-2 years and 2-4 years.
  • - grobag have supplied information on sizing - click here.
  • - Woolbabe 2-4 year size bags are generally suitable from approx 12kg and your child should be comfortably wearing size 2 clothing.
  • - Remember to measure your child from shoulders to feet. 


Tog rating & warmth:

  • - Merino bags are not tog rated, as they are natural fibre which adjusts according to temperature.
  • - Our woolbabe bags have the widest temperature range - the 3-seasons bag can be used for rooms 18-28 degrees, duvet weight bag can be used 14 to 22 degrees.
  • - Many sleeping bags use the European TOG rating system to indicate how warm the sleeping bag is and what season they are suitable for.
  • - The higher the TOG, the warmer the sleeping bag.
  • - The TOG indicates approximately how many blankets the sleeping bag is equivilent to.
  • - Bags with rating 1.2 or below are for spring/summer use.
  • - Bags with rating 2-2.5 are for autumn/winter.
  • View Grobag clothing and weight information - what to dress baby in at night.
  • View Woolbabe clothing guide about how to dress baby at night.



What to wear in your sleeping bag:

This information is provided by grobag. Duvet or winter rated sleeping bags would use similar clothing to a 2.5 tog sleeping bag. Click here for our woolbabe information too.


Which bag for which season?

Many customers will try to buy one sleeping bag for their baby to use year-round. If your house is a consistent temperature year-round this would be a good option, or you plan to use quite different clothing with a mid-weight sleeping bag.

However also look at what bedding you use in your house, and how much this varies through the year. If you need a winter weight duvet in the middle of the year, but only a sheet in summer...your baby is likely to also need a couple of sleeping bags to get the right temperature.

Woolbabes are most versatile in the wide temperature range they can be used for.

The TOG information may help you decide which bag to buy, but also consider these factors:

  • - Is your house warm or cold?
  • - Do you plan to use heating in your baby's room in the winter?
  • - Do you plan to use the same bag year round or would you prefer a summer weight bag for summer and a warmer bag for winter.
  • - Do you have a room thermometer (eg gro egg) to accurately determine the temperature in your child's room?
  • - The warmth of the bag will vary enormously with what clothing you use inside the bag. You can easily add another layer of clothing to make the bag warmer, such as using an extra merino bodysuit.

Fabric and filling:

The following options are available for baby sleeping bags from The Sleep Store:

  • - Merino/cotton blend - used by woolbabe with 30% merino/70% cotton. This unique fabric regulates temperature, is very effective at absorbing moisture but has the softness and durability of cotton.
  • - Merino/cotton blend with wool filling - used in duvet weight woolbabe bags. We believe this is the warmest option for winter sleeping bags and customers constantly give us this feedback.
  • - 100% cotton - these bags are generally summer/spring weight, as they have no polyester filling or merino for warmth. They are ideal for warmer temperatures, day sleeps, taking on holidays overseas. They are also suitable for babies with allergies and eczema. Cotton bags are either 0.5 tog or 1.0 tog, the 0.5 are equivalent to just sleeping with a sheet. ergoPouch do make a wonderful 100% organic cotton winter weight bag too.
  • - 100% cotton lining/exterior with polyester filling - these bags have soft cotton lining against baby's skin and cotton on the outside. The cotton may be either woven cotton (like sheets) or jersey knit (T-shirt fabric). The polyester filling adds warmth without weight, and is easily washed. These bags are warm and reasonably priced. Brands include grobag, Snugtime Cosi Bags and Living Textiles Smart Dream.
  • - Merino & cotton - These bags use one layer or cotton and one of merino (Baby Caterpillar, Nature Baby, Sweet Cheeks)
  • - The standard weight bags are generally suitable for year round use (with clothing changes), while the winter weight bags are suitable for rooms with temperature below 18 degrees. The merino & cotton is easy to look after, machine washable and doesn't hold odours. Click here for more information on merino fabric.
  • - 100% merino - Baby Bundles and Mokopuna Cocoono bags use 2 layers of 100% merino.

Travel bag or standard sleeping bag?

  • - If you are out and about during the day, or have your baby out in the evening, it is well worth investing in a sleeping bag that can be used in a pushchair.
  • - This means you can still put baby into her pushchair at her routine sleep time, and she will know the sleeping bags means you expect her to go to sleep.
  • - Travel Bags are designed for use with all 3 & 5 point harness systems. 
  • - Consider however whether your baby may be able to get her foot through the front buggy slot...if so, choose a front zip travel bags as this has a double-ended zip on the front and just a slot in the back.


Front zip or side zip & domes?

  • - We find a bag with front zipper is much easier to use - simply pop your baby in and zip down the front (zips end at the bottom). Bags with front zips don't have the hassle of babies popping the shoulder domes, generally have smaller arm holes which are a closer fit and have no risk of the domes failing after lots -of use. It's still easy to change a nappy with a front zip, as they are plenty long enough and the bags open wide enough to access the nappy.
  • - Shoulder domes and side zip enable you to open the bag out flat. This can be easier for babies under 6 months who still need frequent night nappy changes. With babies who sleep through the night the easier nappy change isn't really a factor.
  • - Some bags have domes on both shoulders (eg Baby Caterpillar, Woolbabe, grobag), others have 2 domes on one shoulder only.
  • Should you choose a front or side-zip sleeping bag:



This is the sizing & temperature chart specific to Woolbabe sleeping bags:


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