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While new babies do mean less sleep than you are used to, there is no need to suffer stressful days and nights when there are many simple solutions to help you and your baby. If you are pregnant, expecting or getting ready for a newborn read our product guides to setting up a cot for safe sleep, swaddles and more.

Part of the challenge of being a new parent is knowing which advice and tips to trust and what will be helpful. At The Sleep Store we offer clear, easy to understand, trustworthy and judgement free safe sleep advice to help you get to the solution you need. The best part it's free, everyday and all the time. In addition to our library of expert articles, videos and guides make sure you join our sleep coach curated support community for newborn parents.

Most newborn sleep & settling problems are more common than many think and often small changes can have a big impact on the you and your little one's sleep. 

Swaddling a newborn can help baby to calm, relax and settle ready for sleep. Swaddled babies will typically sleep for longer and wake less frequently. Pick up our tips on acheving a better swaddle. Even an experienced swaddle ninja can face the odd challenge when it comes to wrapping but with a few tweaks this can change.

Knowing the tired signs is a cornerstone to helping a newborn sleep better. Some aren't as obvious as you might think so we've put together a video and article to help you spot them.  

Nothing is more adorable than having a newborn fall asleep on you but that can quickly become a problem for lots of parents, particularly when it comes to catnapping or if you already have a young child that also requires your attention. Fortunately there are many ways to gently encourage your baby to sleep for longer in their bassinet or cot. On our newborn sleep advice page you'll find a series of articles dedicated to this topic.



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