Payment & Security

Credit card payment options:

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Zip Pay & Union Pay credit cards. 

Credit card payment options




Credit card security:

All our credit card transactions are processed through DPS (Direct Payment Solutions), the leading online credit card processing facility used by all leading E-Commerce sites in New Zealand.  DPS processes $20B transactions annually, and has over 15,000 merchants. Anyone purchasing airline tickets from Air New Zealand, for example, will pay online via DPS.

More information about DPS can be found on the DPS website:

Card transactions require the 3 digit security code from the reverse of your credit-card, for additional security from stolen card numbers.

Your credit card details are not seen or retained by The Sleep Store. As soon as your credit card transaction has processed through DPS, your card details are deleted automatically from our system.  In the event that a customer wishes to add to an order, we will need to seek card details at this point, as we do not have access to the customer's card details from the original purchase they put through the website. We can however process a payment manually on the Direct Payment Solutions site via our secure DPS log in. 


Fees charged by some Australian banks on Credit Card transactions:

Please note, we process transactions in Australian Dollars and we have a separate Australian Direct Payment Solutions Currency Account so you shouldn’t get charged currency conversion fees.  Despite this, some Australian Banks may impose an ‘overseas transaction fee’ regardless and we have no control over this. We recommend you check with your bank or check the “Fees Schedule” of your credit card terms and conditions for clarification. 

If you are unsure, we recommend you pay via Paypal function as this option does not incur fees for the purchaser - only the seller.



Credit card refunds

We do not need to seek a customers card number to process a refund. We can log in to the secure DPS website, find the customer's payment transaction, and process a refund against this transaction - all without being able to see the customer's credit card number.


Save My Card Details for Next Time:

We have just introduced the ability for customers to have their card payment details 'saved for next time'. This means that if a customer has entered all their credit card payment details when processing a transaction, these details can be saved so that they do not have to be entered again from scratch next time they make a purchase using the same card. It is important to note that these details are not saved at The Sleep Store. They are rather saved at DPS - and only if a customer confirms that they want to have their details saved for next time. 


Can I pay by Paypal?

Yes of course, just choose the Paypal option at the checkout. It will be quickest if you have a Paypal account already, as this saves entering all your details again.

Please ensure you return to The Sleep Store website after completing your Paypal transaction.


Cash or cheque?

We regret we are not able to accept payment by cash or cheque.


Need more information?

If you require any further information about the security of purchasing online with The Sleep Store, please let us know by email or phone 1800-630216