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Sleep Advice

We provide sleep advice in a wide range of ways, all of which is free of charge to our customers and those who visit us on our website and Facebook page.

See the links below to jump to the sections and groups that suit the needs of you and your little one.

All our Sleep Coaches are certified Happiest Baby educators. Our free online library of infant sleep articles is full of expert advice and insights from real life parents and customers.

Safe sleep for babies and children is very important to us. It influences the products we choose to sell through The Sleep Store and the infant sleep advice we provide. 


Popular Sleep Questions

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Feedback about our sleep advice

We receive many success stories from parents who have used our sleep advice. We'd love to hear from you too!

Read some of these inspiring stories here & read testimonials about our free sleep coach curated groups and advice here.

If you are considering hiring the services of a sleep consultant you'll know choosing the right one can be a bit overwhelming. To help read our guide here.  

We also have a library of infant sleep related books available. Ranging from newborn crying to toddler behaviour and family life. Click here to see our full selection.


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