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The Sleep Store community is all about parents helping other parents with solving their sleep challenges and supporting each other on our parenting journey.

We're much more than just a store....we are here to solve your sleep problems, faciliate sleep related conversations between parents and provide our sleep expertise to you in a range of ways.



We love Facebook as its where we can connect with you, chat with you and provide a whole lot of added features that our website and email just can't do. And we know our customers and community are on Facebook already, so we're there too!

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Why do people LIke our Page?

Kelly Irving It's nice to know that you're not alone whatever issues you may have!!!!!

SALES!!!!!! lol and you louise ♥

For your great advice, products, and excellent customer service!!

Fantastic service.... and everyone actually cares!! Its perfect parenting advice... you ask, recieve and then you can decide completely on your own with no obligations to follow through! And I am utterly trustign EVERYTHING you guys sell. really believe that you would only sell something you personally back.

Great products, competitions and ideas!! What a great community you have built! Well Done

Great advice, products, loyalty rewards, sales customer service is amazing and the chocolate gift it awesome!!!!

yes def fantastic advice, super speedy service and wonderful products. congrats:)

Such fantastic advice and really interesting reading on topics you may not have had issues with but are great to read about all the same.

Amazing support for chch!!! Way to go Louise & team!!!!

I like it as I feel I can totally trust your advice!

Everyone is so helpful and it's lovely that you actually ask your customers what we want :) the customer service is awesome too!

Love the great products of fantastic quality.

How do I LIKE thee let me count the ways... oh look amazing products at the best prices, superb support and advice, the best customer service, my favourite facebook page....I could go on and on but I'm supposed to be studying - exam tomorrow..eek!

Fantastic advice, a great range of products and the knowledge that you are not the only one with a baby who won't sleep. At 3 am it often feels very lonely!

The sleep store is practical, professional, personal and to break the alliteration, comprehensive. So thanks so much for your products and advice.

What's not to like!?! The super fast service, products that you really know are great,wonderful sleep info pages, help and advice from you and also other Mums. Love The Sleep Store!

your wonderful sleep resources. I send my friends to you when they have sleep questions!

You and your team are amazing!

You ALWAYS reply to wall posts about problems parents are having with there children's sleep. :) Great job!!

The advice is fantastic. When ever I'm not sure what's going on, or not, with my bubs sleeping, I just go online and follow your advice, it always works or confirms I'm on the right track! Bless you Sleep Store!!!