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Foaming Hair & Body Wash 200ml - Fragrance Free

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Suitable for eczema and sensitive skin.

NO Sodium Lauryl Sulphate! It is a self foaming pump bottle!

Wash hair and body with just one bottle. Foaming fun, free from harsh detergents, easy to wash a newborn & fun to keep a toddler clean.

Gentle, natural ingredients cleanse the skin, retain moisture and are non-irritating on the eyes.

Fragrance Free for all skin types including sensitive.

Rebecca?s Tip:

Use regularly on areas prone to cradle cap ? just gently rub in circular motions with hand or soft washcloth to help keep cradle cap at bay.

Fans say:

??the Wash is so much fun and not harsh in any way. I find it so good for getting my toddler to have her hair washed as she loves the foam?

Amelia, Cambridge.

?Last week my son had really bad cradle cap covering nearly half of his head. I have to say that the Foaming Hair & Body Wash did and amazing job; we washed his hair every day and it was mostly gone in 3 days. It definitely did the job.

Fiona, Auckland.


Q: Why are these 4 points so important?
A: What may surprise some is that these ingredients listed below that Made4Baby does not include in any of their products are in fact common in many baby skin care ranges.

1. No Harsh Detergents - used to create lather
2. No Petrochemcials - baby mineral oil is derived from crude oil
3, No Artificial Fragrances - parfum can have hundreds of ingredients.
4. No Parabens - a controversial perservative which we have not included.

Kids love foam, however we don?t use Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, normally required to create foam, we found a self foaming pump bottle so kids can still enjoy foam without the harshness of irritating chemicals.

Q: You don?t list all your ingredients on your website, do you have something to hide?
A: We list ALL our ingredients on our bottles however we tried to just keep the website simple and easy to understand. We wanted to focus on the key controversial points alot of parents are referring to at the moment.
NO Harsh Detergents
NO Petrochemicals
NO Artificial Fragrances
NO Parabens
Also NO Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is used in any of our products, our Top 2 Toe Hair and Body Wash is a self foaming pump bottle.