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The Beco Toddler Carrier is amazing...so super comfortable for both child and parent. Perfect for toddlers right through until school age, any time your little one need a cuddle on the go.

The generously sized back panel of 18 x 19.5 inches, along with well-padded shoulder straps means we have found this to be our most comfortable toddler carrier.

Using a comfortable toddler carrier is so much easier on YOUR body than carrying a heavy toddler round in your arms or piggy-backing. And much more ergonomic for you than a shoulder ride, which can put a lot of pressure on your neck.

Louise says: "We absolutely love the Beco Toddler carrier and used one extensively on a round-the-world trip when our youngest was almost 5 years old. We could carry him for hours, which was essential for full days of walking, late nights and for security in busy places like airports and theme parks. Of all the toddler carriers we have used with our children, we love this one the most."

Would this carrier fit my child?

  • A general guide would be once your child is comfortably in size 2 pants.
  • Suitable from about 2.5 years to 5 years.
  • Size depends on the height of your child's legs, as you want their legs hanging freely, supported up to the knee but not beyond the knee.
  • Weight limit approx 10-27kg.


  • Extra secure and strong buckles
  • Padded shoulder straps and generous leg padding.
  • Snap-on sleep hood.
  • Straps are duel adjustable and can be crossed for front carrying (useful with heavy toddlers!)
  • Handy storage features - snap-off front bag and pocket on the waist band.
  • Hooks for toys & keys.
  • Perfect fit adjusters to allow for feeding on the go and getting your toddler pulled in really close to you for the most comfortable carrying.
  • 100% cotton fabric.

Why do I need a toddler carrier?

There are so many times a toddler / preschool carrier is useful:

  • School or pre-school drop-offs & pick-ups
  • Travelling
  • Long family walks when little ones runs out of steam
  • Supermarket shopping
  • Security in busy places
  • Cuddles on the go



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Rating Beco toddler carrier

By Hollie from Lower Hutt on 14 October 2018

Was really unsure on whether a toddler carrier would match the hype that surrounds them. This carrier is amazing!! I can hardly feel my sons weight whilst using this and hes 15kg so is an absolute blessing on the shoulders :) Also as a plus size mumma i was unsure if it would be a comfortable fit for myself to wear but it really is, and with the vatiety of adjustments you can make im sure this would be a perfect fit for most people. Could not reccomend highly enough 😍 amazing! Looking forward to our summer adventures with this lightweight comfy carrier :)

Rating Our Favourite Toddler Carrier

By Kirsty from Ashburton on 13 August 2018

I instantly feel in love as soon as I opened the bag. I couldn't believe how soft and snuggly it was (I wish it came as a blanket) I am a size 10 and can get a nice snug, supportive and comfy fit for both me and Mr 2 which I've struggled with other toddler carriers. I am happy with the 1 way adjusters on the arm straps (I prefer this) as 90% of the time Mr 2 is on my back so makes its super easy to tighten and having PFA by the shoulders helps even more. It comes with a removable hood and an amazing removable storage bag!! If your like me and feel the need to take everything "just in case" this storage bag is perfect (and I never have pockets) I haven't found anything that I dislike about the Beco Toddler, I've gone in the opposite direction and become a Beco fan resulting in wanting all the Beco Carriers in my life lol. Beco is on the top of my list for recommendations. Buy It!! You won't regret it 😃

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Beco Baby Carrier

Some of our most popular carriers amongst our customers are part of the Beco range, gorgeous up-to-date designs, comfortable and easy to wear and something for everyone!


Beco Story:

The Beco design evolved from founder Gabby Caperon’s own experience with her son, Duke.  Gabby wanted to keep her baby close, without limiting where she could go or what she could do.  She found a broken sewing machine, fixed it up and learned how to sew in just three weeks! The Beco Baby Carrier continues to be a first class real-time tested product, with the best interest of both parent and child in mind.