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CY4Z0S301 Metropolitan Pikkolo Carrier Welcome to a totally unique babywearing experience! The Pikkolo is a hybrid between a soft structured carrier and a Mei Tai and is a very popular choice in the States where it comes from. The Pikkolo can be used from newborn with no infant insert required. Unstructured apron-style waistband makes it possible to precisely adjust the carrier’s fit. Fits both short-waisted and long-waisted body types. This type of waistband is meant to be worn snugly around your natural waist, not loose/low on top of the hips like padded waistbands. Won’t pull your pants down! - See more at: http://www.theportablebaby.com/pikkolo.html#sthash.3ejqE4UV.dpuf Pikkolo features & benefits: Memory foam in the shoulder straps means the strap is not bulky while being super-cushy and supportive. The unique tapered shoulder strap shape is more comfortable when you back carry (less bulk under your arm) Dual-adjustable buckles mean you never have to pull up and back to tighten your straps Adjustable base allows you cinch the carrier width to perfectly fit your baby from day one and enables an ergonomic facing forward carry. 4 carrying positions take you from newborn to toddler (approx. 4 kg to 18kg) Attached sleeping hood tucks into its own pocket for storage Straps cross in an X on your back for a front carry for maximum comfort and ease of use Exclusive to The Sleep Store in New Zealand. About Pikkolo Hybrid Mei Tai /Soft Structured carriers: Based on a traditional Asian style baby carrier, a Mei Tai is a versatile and comfortable option for carrying your baby or toddler. Basically a Pikkolo is a cross between a Mei Tai and a soft-structured carrier - it has less structure than carr
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