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Kai Carrier SINGLE reusable Kai’cicle pouch.

Kai’cicles are great for homemade iceblocks and ice creams minus the sugar, drips and spills, or fill with snacks for the lunchbox.

No more tears from dropped ice blocks falling on the ground - the ice block remains in the pouch until it is squeezed up and eaten, no more sticky hands as all drips are caught in the bottom of the pouch.

Know exactly what your family is consuming - make iceblocks free of additives, preservatives and sugar, these are cost effective as they can be used over and over again meaning less food waste - if your child does not finish their ice block simply re-seal the pouch and return to the freezer to be had later.

All Kai’cicles have a double zip lock and are made of eco-friendly recyclable materials.

All Kai Carrier pouches are:
  • BPA, PVC and Phthalate free
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack)
  • Freezable
  • Microwavable (ensure ziplock is open and test product before consuming)
  • reduce your weekly shopping bill and encourage healthy eating
  • help reduce your carbon footprint by cutting down waste sent to landfill


Kai Carriers are food pouches that can be reused and filled with the healthy nutritious food of your choice. They are a convenient easy way of feeding your little ones snacks or meals, either on the go or at home. They have a sturdy zip-lock design and are made of durable BPA free plastic. Kai Carriers are perfect for parents who want to know exactly what their children are eating and who care about preserving the environment for future generations.


Kai Carriers can be filled with any combination of pureed foods including vegetables, fruit, poultry, meat, legumes, grain, dairy, smoothies, custard or yoghurt. The possibilities are endless and we would love to hear your recipe ideas so we can share them with others.

A Kai Carriers use is not limited to baby food—they can be used to store anything from breast milk, left over sauces, homemade mayonnaise or pesto.


Kai Carriers can be used anywhere anytime! They can go where ever you do! To the park, in the car, in the buggy, the beach, the Zoo, after swimming lessons, the backyard, or at home. Kai Carriers are also great for use during family picnics and camping trips.

Kai Carriers are perfect for travelling overseas with babies and toddlers. They can be taken onto the plane as they are exempt from the 100ml restriction as they contain baby food (source: avsec.govt.nz)

Kai Carriers cut out the mess and the fuss – simply fill the Kai Carriers with delicious nutritious homemade food, place in the freezer or fridge, then straight to your bag or child’s lunchbox, then straight to their hands! No need for spoons, bowls, glass jars, containers or mess!!!

Kai Carriers are also great for us adults too! Perfect for the gym, car travel, tramping, hiking, running or bike riding. They can be used to store homemade soups, pesto, smoothies, protein shakes, mayonnaise and sauces in the fridge.


At first your Kai Carrier may be a bit stiff, but once you have opened the gusset properly your Kai Carrier should stand by itself to make filling them easy:
Seal zip lock, unscrew cap and blow air into the Kai Carrier so it expands
Open the zip lock and use the back of a spoon to push the bottom gusset flat from the inside (if you didn’t have enough air in your lungs to do this in step 1!) Your Kai Carrier should now be able to stand by itself on the bench and you are ready to fill them

Fill your Kai Carrier about ¾ full (to the bottom of the spout) – this will allow for expansion when freezing

Ensure that the consistency of the food is no thinner than apple sauce and that make your purees thicker for those little ones inclined to squeeze the pouches! This will help prevent any unwanted spills.


Yes they are microwavable. The materials used in the manufacture of Kai Carriers have a USFDA food approval. This is valid to a maximum of 90 degrees Celsius for direct food contact (so safe as you would never heat food that hot!)

If you do chose to microwave then ensure that the zip lock is open, do not heat on 100% power and make sure you stir the pouch contents and test the temperature before you give them to your bubba (as I am sure you know microwaves can heat food unevenly)


Kai Carriers are very easy to clean! Simply hand wash the pouches with warm soapy water and place on the dish rack to dry. A baby bottle brush can help shift any stubborn caked on food. Kai Carrier babyfood pouches are also dishwasher safe, and can be placed on the top rack.

Ensure that all food is removed from the zip lock as this may impact on how well they seal next time you use them.