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Helps lift the most stubborn stains and brightens colours and whites.

This laundry soaker is ideal for soaking more heavily stained items and for brightening colours and whites, it can also be added to your wash cycle when extra strength is required. 

Eco Store use sustainably sourced plant and mineral based ingredients wherever possible which means their soaker is kinder to your skin and is ideal for those with sensitive skin or allergies. 

Laundry Soaker is not suitable for merino or delicates (we recommend ecostore Wool & Delicates Wash instead).  

Size:  1Kg

Sodium Bicarbonate,
Sodium Percarbonate,
Tetraacetyl Ethalinediamine,
Sodium Coco Sulphate

Lipase Amylase Protease 

Other Information from Eco Store:

There's no need to compromise when you switch to our healthier plant and mineral based formulation. Our Laundry Soaker has been independently proven to work as well as, if not better than the mainstream alternative.

Use a little, save a lot
In line with our philosophy of 'less is more' our Laundry Soaker is safely super concentrated with no unnecessary fillers or bulking agents to give the perception of better value.
Washes per pack (1kg) - 25 washes

Safer for our environment
Our Laundry Soaker and Stain Remover is suitable for septic tanks. To re-use the grey-water on your flower gardens, lawns or trees, dilute 1 part wash-water to 3 parts water.
Any water that's been used for soaking nappies is not suitable for re-use on your garden, lawns and trees because of the potential contamination from fecal matter (yes - we really mean baby poo).

Leadership in manufacturing
Our Laundry Soaker is made in NZ to the strictest environmental standards in our ISO14001, Enviromark Diamond, Kosher and Carbon Zero accredited factory.

pH 9.0-9.5

What is pH?

The pH of a substance basically affects how it reacts with other substances. The more strongly acidic or alkaline a substance, the more strongly it will react.

pH is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a substance. All substances, once dissolved in water, will consist of ions, which are particles with a positive or negative charge. 

pH is measured by the concentration of two types of ions contained in a liquid; hydrogen ions, or hydroxide ions. The higher the concentration of hydrogen ions, the lower the pH, indicating high acidity and low alkalinity. The lower the concentration of the hydrogen ions, the higher the pH, indicating high alkalinity and low acidity.

Here's a guide to the pH values of everyday items.

Lemon: 2 Apple: 3 Banana: 5 Milk: 6.5 Water: 7 Blood: 7.5 Baking soda: 8 Soap: 10

About Eco Store's Baby range:

Beautiful plant based products for your baby.

Our range has been carefully formulated to match the oils and amino acids naturally found in babies' skin helping to provide gentle cleansing, nourishment and protection.

Babies and young children are more vulnerable to the potentially harmful effects of the chemicals used in baby products as their skin is thinner than an adults and the naturally protective barrier coating the skin is not fully developed.  Help them to get the best start in life by caring for them with safer and healthier plant and mineral based products.