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1C770S601 Kids Standard Size Pillow - Tencel Blend Our Kids Pillow has been well tested by our children and given the thumbs up! It’s covered with a beautiful quality 100% cotton outer, and filled with a lovely soft tencel / polyester blend. It’s a specially designed low profile, meaning you can introduce this pillow from about 18 months old. Our Kids Pillows measure approx 50 x 75cm, which fits a standard pillowcase. Packaged in a beautiful 100% cotton reusable bag! Suitability: Suitable from approx 18 months to 6 years. Easy washing instructions: Cool machine wash Low tumble or line dry. Fabric: 100% cotton outer 30% Tencel / 70% polyester blend. Please note - pillows should not be used with children under one year old.
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CU770S010 Cuski Kids Orthopedic Pillow This is not just any pillow - this is a Cuski Kids Pillow!  As featured on Babyology Australia - rounded up as one of the top 5 toddler pillows in the world (2012), & Gold award in childcare!  Best for ages between 2 and 10 years old. How do toddlers and young children explain pins and needles, pain, and numbness in their growing bodies? By tossing and turning, becoming irritable, tired, crabby...If you want to help alleviate these symptoms in your children, please read on... After nurturing our babies and giving them the best possible start in life why, when they are ready for their first sleep support, do we give them any old pillow to sleep on? Cuski believes not giving your child the correct pillow could cause future neck and back problems...leading to sleep deprivation - and not only for your child! Cuski has developed its first orthopaedic pillow; sized and shaped to give essential neck support for your growing child. It can help to eliminate future neck and back problems, pain, arthritis and poor blood circulation. It also helps to induce a more restful sleep for your child. This pillow has been created especially to meet the needs of young children from ages 2 years - 10 years. Parents, it does make sense to prevent, not create, future back problems in your children. The neck with its seven sensitive vertebrae, receives little support from a conventional pillow, which is often why we tend to try and "scrunch" the pillow in order to get comfortable. PREVENTS PINS & NEEDLES in young children. Even when a comfortable position has been found, it is difficult to maintain the proper support as the shoulders tend to push the pillow out of place. Children don't know how to do this, so the Cuski pillow provides this vital support. The Cuski Pillow is made of heatr
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EB4U0S702 ergobaby Nursing Pillow - Vintage Blue The ergobaby nursing pillow is a lovely quality, multi-purpose pillow that gives you the on-going support you need to relax, nurse comfortably and bond with baby. You can use the ergobaby pillow for breast and bottle feeding.  It can also be a comfy maternity support while pregnant, or use for a kids snuggle pillow on the sofa when you are finished using it as a feeding pillow. Using a good quality feeding pillow can make learning to breastfeed much easier, as it helps your baby be in just the right position. It also means you are much less likely to lean forward, as it helps you sit straight and not strain your shoulders. A great feeding pillow that is really helpful for babies who are either breast or bottle fed. The ergobaby Nursing Pillow: Addresses the main concerns of nursing mothers: comfort, back pain, and arm support Unique contour positions baby tummy-to-tummy for comfortable breastfeeding support Elevates baby's head to a comfortable level for feeding and aids digestion Places baby at a comfortable height and position to prevent back pain from slouching Allows baby to be nursed on either side Maximises both baby's and mother's comfort Firm foam maintains shape for continued support Interior lining offers extra protection against spills Plush pillow cover is comfortable for baby and is removable and machine washable Includes 1 x vintage blue pillow cover Has a convenient carry handle
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IN760S010 Natural Fibre Small Toddler Pillow This gorgeous wool and organic cotton/hemp toddler pillow is hand-made in Auckland by Innature. They are well known for their beautiful craftsmanship and use of high quality natural materials. The pillow measures is approx 40 x 62cm, and is approx 6cm high. Although the pillow is lovely and soft, so it will be a lower under your baby’s head while supporting their neck and shoulder. An all natural, non-chemical, breathable natural wool pillow filled with 2 sheets of 500gm bonded wool and covered with INnature’s special organic fabric, which is woven from 55% hemp 45% organic cotton. Both wool and hemp have water absorbency properties that will help keep baby’s temperature regulated, keeping them warm in winter and cool in summer. Expect your pillow to naturally compact and felt-up with use. Can be hand washed at a luke-warm temperature, use only wool detergents and dry flat in the sun. You can use a regular sized pillow case on this pillow, although the pillow is smaller than a standard size pillow. Please note these pillows are made from 100% natural fabrics and do smell like wool...While most people love the natural wool smell, please don’t order if you like don’t like woolly, natural smelling items!
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LI770W703 Toddler Cot Pillowcases - White & Grey Marl Made from all seasons breathable cotton jersey for all year round use, they perfectly fit the Living Textiles Cot pillow and other brands. 61 cm x 42 cm each 100% Cotton Jersey
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MG540S014 AllerProtect Pillow If your child (or you!) suffers from asthma or eczema, a dust mite allergy may be the cause. Once a skin-prick test had confirmed a dust-mite allergy, it’s essential to do what you can to reduce exposure to the allergens that result from dust mites. The key focus should be on the bedroom, specifically preventing dust mites from the mattress and pillow getting near your child. What is different about the AllerProtect Pillow? Made in New Zealand by Allergen Control Services using proven effective allergen barrier fabrics and proven effective construction methods. While there are many products on the market claiming to help with dust-mites, these are the only products we have found developed by an allergy specialist and recommended by the Asthma Society. Why does AllerProtect work? The weave on these cotton covered pillows is 5.5 microns, i.e. they are made from an incredibly tightly woven fabric with almost no space between fibres. In comparison, regular cotton pillowcases have spaces between the fibres of approx 300 mircons. Since the average dust mite measures approx 20 microns, dust mites are not able to pass through your AllerProtect pillow. Features: Constructed with 100% cotton precision microweave allergen barrier fabric Adjustable height and firmness. Genuine 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee. Machine washable (60 deg C) and tumble dry. Will not go "lumpy" when washed. No chemicals  Availability: We usually have the single beds
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