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AR2A0S876 E-Z Mini Canopy - Natural Includes Canopy Only. Great for indoor and outdoor use!  The E-Z Mini Canopy fits only Arms Reach Mini Co-Sleepers - Models include Mini Ezee, Clear-Vue, Versatile & Cambria (on the Cambria the canopy can only be used without the hooks and straps). Works wonderfully as a deterrent to keep out curious pets and harmful insects.  Easy to slip over the Mini Co-Sleeper in bassinet or play yard mode.  No tools required, the fine mesh canopy is made of protective mosquito netting and it all folds into its own carrying case!  About Arm’s Reach Co-sleepers: Whether you choose to breast feed or bottle feed, Arm’s Reach CO-SLEEPER brand bassinet promotes bonding and enables parents and infant to sleep better. It is also recommended by leading pediatricians and sleep research experts Dr. James J. McKenna Ph. D and Dr. William Sears. Reach over and draw your baby close for feeding, or just plain loving. The Arm’s Reach CO-SLEEPER brand family of products come in a wide selection of colours, fabrics and styles to harmonize with the décor of the parent’s bedroom and in order to provide your baby with a complete sleep-system.
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