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LX490S701 Leander Cradle - Fitted Sheet 2pk These beautiful sheets fit the Leander Cradle mattress, made from super-soft jersey fitted sheet in premium durable 180 gr/m2 Interlock jersey - the durable fabric means that the mattress is not visible through the sheet. Features & Information: 2 sheets per package Size: Fits 49 x 79 cm mattress 100% cotton Eco-Tex® 100 approved textiles Can be machine washed at 60 degrees and tumble dried Colours: White
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LX660S720 Leander Cradle - Spare Ceiling Hook This is for the spare Hook only  The Leander Cradle can be hung using the ceiling hook included, we also sell spare hooks for you to have the option of hanging your cradle in another room. About The Leander Cradle: (Sold Separately) Introducing the beautiful Leander Cradle - available in White or Grey, this cradle emerges from the idea to unite design and function.  Newborns need to feel there is something around them, they do not like to be in a bed that is too big.  The oval shape of the Leander cradle encloses the baby and creates a safe, little space.  With a gentle push, the cradle is set in movement with your baby feeling the familiar and rocking sensation known from the time in the belly.  The cradle’s movements and oval shape create a calm and secure universe for your baby, hung from a ceiling hook or resting in its frame, the cradle is fixed to a single point.   The Leander cradle can be moved from room to room, using ceiling hooks in different rooms - the cradle comes with one ceiling hook and more can be purchased from our website separately. The child can set the cradle into slight motion, this makes the child conscious of its own body and what it is capable of doing.  Having a single suspension point causes calm movement in all directions which helps relax your baby, and stimulate your child's development, and motor and creative senses. The cradle is suitable for babies aged between 0-6 months, or until your child can sit unaided.
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NS270S301 Natural hammock mattress The Natures Sway Natural Wool Mattress is an all natural, non-chemical, breathable natural wool mattress filled with 2 sheets of 500gm bonded wool, covered in a cotton canvas. Made specially for use only in a hammock, our mattress gently cushions baby, helping distribute weight evenly along the spine and keeping baby safely on their back.     The Cotton outer cover is made from pre-washed cotton canvas. Expect your mattress to naturally compact and felt-up with use. Can be gently hand washed at a luke warm temperature, use only wool detergents and dry flat in the sun. Measures approximately 87 cm (34 inches) long x 34 cm (13 inches) wide and 3 cm (1 inch) high. Sheets sold separately.
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