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Natures Sway baby hammocks can be a useful settling tool for the 4th trimester, with calming gentle movement.

We recommend hammocks as best used for supervised day sleep due to the slightly softer mattress and not flat surface. 


Please discontinue use once baby is close to rolling, sitting or crawling.

Please use your Natures Sway according to the instructions, with particular focus on ensuring the cross bar is used correctly and your baby is positioned correctly.

Nature's Sway Hammocks have been independently tested as part of an Auckland University research study to show that despite the slightly curved surface, baby's airways are not compromised. Read further information here.

Please note that there is not a safety standard that covers hammocks in New Zealand. 

The mattress used in the Natures Sway hammock has not been tested to the voluntary safety standard for mattress firmness.

Safety Checklist from Natures Sway instructions:

Safe Use:

  • This hammock is exclusively intended for back sleeping only.
  • Do not place baby on their side or tummy.
  • The weight limit for this hammock is 15kg. 
  • The hammock should never be bounced so hard as to cause the parts to ‘jump’.
  • Never use with a mattress wider than 35cm, longer than 100cm or thicker than 2.5cm when compressed. Warning: do not modify base with a flat board. 
  • If a firmer base is preferred please use our cocofibre mattress stiffener and only for babies 4kg or heavier.
  • The hammock basemust be no higher than 40cm above the ground, with the exception from 0-2 months when you may find that having the hammock at waist height is safer and easier on your back.
  • Do not sleep baby in excessive layers of bedding or clothing and avoid synthetic materials as babies can overheat. Note: Hats are not suitable as they can move over the face and interfere with breathing.
  • As per bassinet standards: When a child is able to roll, sit, kneel or to pull itself up, the hammock is no longer safe and should not be used.

Safety Check: 
  • Please ensure hammock is assembled correctly.
  • Check the Natures Sway ceiling screw is at least 40mm into solid wood and will take your weight.
  • Check the hammock is centred and fixed at the top ring with either our custom made D-shackle or with a secure Top tie.
  • Always ensure the wooden beam is securely fastened to the hammock body and is horizontal to within 5˚.
  • Check that all clips and hooks are closed and secure. NEVER use the hammock with open hooks as bouncing may cause disconnection between parts.
  • Do not use hammock if parts are broken, torn, frayed or missing.
  • Do not suspend the hammock from any fixture not recommended by Natures Sway.

Safe Environment:
  • Check the floor area under the hammock is free of obstacles.
  • Ensure that any ties or mobiles are well out of reach of small children.
  • Keep your babyand the hammock close by, for instance in the living room for day sleeps.
  • Never leave young children unsupervised in the vicinity of the hammock.
  • It is not intended as a swing or as children’s play equipment.
  • Pay close attention to your baby’s surroundings and environment.
  • Do not place the hammock next to any open fire, wood stove, g

About the hammock:

Natures Sway baby hammocks are made with special double boiled 100% cotton calico, free of chemical dyes and bleach, already pre-washed for immediate use.

The hammock can be hung from the ceiling with attachments provided, including a door clamp, making it easy to move hammock around from room to room.  

Can also be used with a 4-legged powder coated, strong yet lightweight steel tubing stand, as well as carry-bags and muslin mosquito nets, all which can be purchased separately.


1 x Carry bag
1 x 55% hemp 45% organic cotton baby hammock
1 x Natural wool mattress
1 x Spring with cover and safety strap
1 x 0.5m stainless steel chain with karabiners
2 x Coach-eye ceiling screws
1 x Door clamp
1 x Wooden beam
1 x Brushed cotton knit fitted sheet
1 x Instruction booklet


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Rating Hammock best for baby

By suztho71 from auckland on 24 July 2018

My babies slept so well the first 6 months in a hammock. Could move the hammock easily from living area to bedroom and add cloth over top if wanted to calm baby with darkened area. At night by my bed if baby stirred could just reach out a hand and give it a tiny bounce and baby settled again. Really think it had something to do with the cocooning (in utero?) like security it offered. Not cat friendly which was a bonus. Only reason moved the kids is that they got too large.

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Extra hammock chain

Extra hammock chain


Natures Sway

Natural hammock mattress

Natural hammock mattress


Natures Sway