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Welcome! Your precious bundle has finally arrived after 9 long months. But she cries all the time, catnaps for 30 minutes, likes to party all night!!! No-one told you it would be like this....

We have loads to articles to help you adjust to life with a newborn, and help you all get as much sleep as possible.

If you need some advice or support, please join us on our free Sleep Coach curated advice page you'll find a link to the group on our community page here - there's lots of other mums and dads out there in just the same situation as you.



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Newborn Sleep & Settling FAQ

Worrying about catnapping

Recognising Baby Tired Signs

Catnapping Solutions for Newborns

The Happiest Baby Techniques - The 5 S's

 Newborn wrapped in muslin swaddle


While new babies do mean less sleep than you are used to, there is no need to suffer stressful days and nights when there are many simple solutions to help you and your baby. Most newborn sleep & settling problems are more common than many think and often small changes can have a big impact on the you and your little one's sleep.


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Making Your Baby's Cot

Avoiding overheating with your baby

Keeping your baby safe in bed

Safer Sleep for Babies

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 Newborn wrapped in muslin swaddle


Worrying about the safety of your children starts from as soon as you find out you are pregnant until well past their teenage years and beyond! But at least when worrying about your baby in bed, there are many things you can do to help your baby stay safe and ways that you can help to reduce the risks of suffocation and overheating. Read our safe sleep articles and create a safe sleep environment for your precious new arrival.


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