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Snooze Shade is UK's leading brand of black out cover for buggies, capsules and travel cots. Winner of multiple awards, Snooze Shade have created a fabulous range of products to help with infant sleep on the go.

Snooze Shade products fall into three main categories - buggy covers, capsule/carseat covers, and travel cot/cot covers.

Snooze Shade blackout buggy covers block 94% of light, so signifcantly shade the inside of a pram, stroller, capsule or travel cot, but are fully breathable, providing excellent ventilation and air permeability.

Snooze Shade can be used all year round, providing protection from Sun during the summer months, and wind, light rain and chill during the cooler months.

Snooze Shade buggy covers have a generic fit, so can be used on all major brands of buggy, including Phil & Teds, Mountain Buggy, Baby Jogger.  The SnoozeShade range allows you the flexibility to get and about when you need to without disturbing your baby’s sleep routine.   It’s ideal for holidays, appointments, trips to the park, shopping, coffee with friends – in fact, any time you need to do something when baby needs to sleep.  No more throwing blankets over the pram (which blow away), or pegging muslins (which become a distraction as baby starts to play with it) or covering the stroller with a coat in colder weather.

Snooze Shade products are endorsed by the Melanoma International Foundation - recognition of their effectiveness in providing protection from harmful over exposure to the sun.

Why SnoozeShade?

Shade and blackout  - SnoozeShade products give excellent shade/blackout protection to help babies sleep on the go

Sun protection - SnoozeShade provides a very high level of sun protection, and is only buggy protection approved by the Melanoma International Foundation

Protection from wind and chill - SnoozeShade also does a great job in cooler or blustery weather of providing protection from light rain and wind.

Protection from Insects - Snooze shade products help keep insects at bay. This applies equally for buggy covers - and for the Snooze Shade for Travel Cots - to keep away those pesky sandflies, mosquitos and other nasties.

Sleep. By providing protection from Sun, providing excellent black out protection, and screening out all those distractions that stimulate wee minds, SnoozeShade helps babies, infants and toddlers settle quickly and sleep longer for those important sleeps on the go.


  • Made from a double layer of soft dark breathable fabric, SnoozeShade provides a shady and well-ventilated sleep environment.
  • Elasticated top and sides with easy-to-attach Velcro straps ensure SnoozeShade fits easily to most popular prams and pushchairs
  • Check quietly and easily on baby with SnoozeShade’s ’sneak-a-peek’ front access.
  • Compact enough to keep with you at all times; it folds into a small drawstring bag to pop ito n your change bag, handbag hang off buggy handles or store in your pushchair’s basket.
  • Fits easily under most standard rain covers.
  • Protects babies from the sun with the highest sun protection – UPF50+
  • Tested to all current British and European safety standards


You call it a blackout shade. How dark is it?

Blackout curtains block 100% of light and therefore are not made of breathable fabric so SnoozeShade fabric could not be a total blackout blind. It does block 94% of light – which means that it significantly shades the inside of your pram or stroller.

Your child will be able to make out shapes and movement tell whether it’s day or night – but it takes away their ability to latch onto anything stimulating.

Do I need to use all the straps?

Original, Plus and Infant Car seat versions:

Everyone fits their SnoozeShade differently – there is no right or wrong way – just your way.

It all depends on the make and model of your pram, stroller, buggy or infant car seat.  On some you may need to use all the straps and others you may only need to use one or two pairs.  Don’t worry that it doesn’t fit because you have tried to use all the straps as you may not need to.

The Snooze Shade YouTube channel shows you two ways to use the straps to each other in two wasy. It’s worth watching as you may not realise how the straps can be attached.

If you are not using some of the straps we recommend that you attach the pair to each other to avoid the Velcro hooks pulling the fabric and tuck them away.

SnoozeShade for Cots and Travel Cots:

You must attach the straps around the legs of the cot for safety purposes. If possible, double wrap the straps for the safest fit.

What does breathable fabric actually mean?

SnoozeShade’s unique fabric is woven so that you can literally put it over your face and breathe comfortably through it.

SnoozeShades create a well-ventilated environment for baby, through which air can circulate freely.

Some products use phrases like ‘truly breathable’ – this is just marketing hype – either a fabric is breathable or it’s not.

SnoozeShade fabric has been tested in a respected testing laboratory for air-permeability and breathability and scored ‘very high’ for both qualities.

It goes without saying that we don’t recommend you put any fabric directly over a baby’s face.

Why is SnoozeShade black? Doesn’t it attract the heat?

Many people think that anything black gets hotter but in reality colour has very little to do with the creation of heat.

More important is what material the product is made from and the amount of ventilation that it provides.

SnoozeShade fabric is a mesh polyester weave (with lots of small holes) that easily allows fresh air in and out.  Just to be extra sure we had the fabric tested by a well respected independent laboratory which showed that our fabric scores highly in air permeability (which means air gets in and out easily).

For UV protection, black is the best colour as it blocks the most UV rays. Most sunshades are black or dark coloured for this reason.  A darker colour creates a shaded environment inside the pram. After all, you go into the shade to stay cool on a hot day.

Parents often comment on how surprised they are when it feels cooler inside the pram on a hot day:

“It worked a treat, he fell straight to sleep every night and it seemed a lot cooler in his pushchair then it did in the entertainment venue, which was an added bonus as he suffers from severe eczema and the heat irritates him.”

“The mesh material allows air in, while keeping the light out. The interior of the carriage also stays nice and cool.”

“I have used it on the beach during our vacation and my 7 month old went right to sleep. The material lets air in but keeps the sunlight out. People were asking if my son was baking underneath and I offered to let them place their hand under to see just how cool it was inside.”

“My son naps best when it’s dark. It’s breathable so he doesn’t sweat. It’s always attached to our bugaboo stroller. We love it!”

If it is a hot day but with no breeze then SnoozeShade cannot cool the ambient temperature but it will not be hotter and, most importantly, your baby’s skin will not burn.

Be aware that prams are often made from solid fabric that may heat up and if it has a long low hood then hot air has nowhere to go which can make it stuffy. We suggest you retract the hood and use SnoozeShade to allow maximum airflow.

Our top tips for a safe snooze on a sunny day include:

  • In sunny conditions and when stationary, turn the pram of buggy away from direct sun.  Always seek shade, where possible, and use the sneak-a-peek zip to check on your baby’s comfort at regular intervals.
  • Make sure your baby is well-hydrated and always have plenty of drink options available on hot days.
  • If it’s a hot day and your little one is wearing a hat then remove it at sleeptime (even if it means disturbing them) as babies’ temperatures are controlled by how much heat their head and face lose – and hats can trap heat.
  • Finally, if it’s a hot day then your baby may get sweaty – wherever they are – but the best way to check if they are overheated is to feel the back of the neck and tummy. If they are cool and moist then your baby is too hot.  You should also be concerned if your baby is dry and hot to the touch as this could be heat stroke.

Can I use SnoozeShade products all year round?

You can use SnoozeShade products at any time of year, whenever you want to encourage baby to sleep in the pram or stroller or protect from strong sun.

In cooler months it stretches over foot muffs and keeps light rain, wind and chill at bay.

In shade mode it can be used to protect baby’s eyes when the sun is low in the Spring, Autumn and Winter or on a bright sunny Summer’s day.

Can I use SnoozeShade products indoors?


Parents and babies have to go to some pretty noisy places and a reviewer from Which? commented  “Our tester was impressed. Her baby slept for twice as long as he usually would when in his buggy. It even helped her baby get to sleep in the middle of a noisy toddler group.”

Your baby’s sleep routine can be maintained wherever you have to be – restaurants, cafes, shopping centres, theme parks, airports or festivals. The possibilities are endless.

How does using SnoozeShade help my baby and I?

SnoozeShade is like a portable blackout blind for on-the-go families.  It’s the only one of its kind to be endorsed by a number of international baby sleep experts and approved by the Melanoma International Foundation.

Until I invented SnoozeShade, the only option for us parents was to throw makeshift items over a pram or pushchair like blankets or muslins. These are not always made from breathable fabric, do not give sun protection,  have to be lifted up letting light that wakes up baby or just simply fly off with the slightest breeze.

Using a SnoozeShade becomes a sign to sleep or sleep trigger for babies – like closing the curtains in a nursery, baby starts to recognise that when SnoozeShade goes on it’s time to sleep.

SnoozeShade helps babies sleep in spite of visual distractions around them and creates a cosy comfortable healthy nap environment when needed.

Deeper, longer sleep with no interruptions means your baby gets the sleep that he or she needs and we all know that well-rested happy babies mean everyone in the family has an easier time.

How will SnoozeShade help me?

The SnoozeShade range allows you the flexibility to get and about when you need to without disturbing your baby’s sleep routine.

It’s ideal for holidays, appointments, trips to the park, shopping, coffee with friends – in fact, any time you need to do something when baby needs to sleep.

No more throwing blankets over the pram (which blow away), or pegging muslins (which become a distraction as baby starts to play with it) or covering the stroller with a coat in colder weather.

With the addition of the SnoozeShade for Travel Cots you also don’t have to worry when you stay with friends or family who have never heard of curtains 

We hope SnoozeShade makes your life easier.

Should I still use other sunscreens whilst using SnoozeShade?

Yes, you should use sunscreen (dependent on the age of your child) and other sun protection methods eg seeking shade, hats, sunglasses, sun lotions and other recognised methods of sun protection.

For further advice on keeping your child safe in the sun, we recommend the UK’s NHS advice here and, if you are travelling abroad, it is worth checking local advice for the country you are visiting.

How does SnoozeShade work when it’s warm?

SnoozeShade is not an air conditioning unit for strollers, infant car seats and cots (we don’t think anyone has invented one of those yet!) but what it does do is give your child valuable shade from the sun in a safe, secure and breathable way.

If you do have to be out in excessively hot conditions, what SnoozeShade will definitely do is protect your baby’s delicate skin from the sun’s harsh rays – UV is a key factor in heat stress (more so than the ambient temperature).

If it is hot and sticky outside it will be hot and sticky inside so if you’re not moving around then seek shade, turn the pram or car seat out of direct sunlight and make sure you check on your baby’s comfort regularly.

More and more evidence is being found to show that sun damage in the early years of life can increase a person’s risk of skin cancer later in life so with UPF50+ you know that only 1% of UV rays are reaching your child’s skin.

What safety testing has the SnoozeShade range been through?

Cara Sayer invented SnoozeShade to use with her own daughter and therefore safety has always been at the heart of SnoozeShade product design.

For Cara, safety came first above all else, and SnoozeShade is proud to be a ‘function over fashion’ product.  We can’t make it in pretty colours as that would reduce the UV protection, patterns look awful on the fabric but if we change the fabric to make it look nice it won’t be breathable.  

This is one of the reasons for example that SnoozeShade has multiple straps rather than a couple of longer ones that would reach around the stroller frame or hood.

As a pram or pushchair accessory we don’t have test to the same safety level as a toy – but we do it anyway.  

The BS EN 71 toy test means you cannot have straps that stretch longer than 22cm – over that length and it becomes a strangulation hazard. This was highlighted on BBC 2’s ‘Britain’s Next Best Thing’ TV programme in 2011 when a pram product was rejected by Boots’ safety experts for having overly long straps.

It is also why our drawstring bags have velcro halfway along the straps – again to minimise strangulation risks. It is also why we use Velcro and zips as they are designed to comply with anti-choking regulations. Toggles, buttons and most poppers are choking hazards.

Every product has been designed to comply with European Standards, particularly with reference to BS EN 71 standard for the safety of child use and care articles.

In addition, the SnoozeShade range has been tested, and is compliant with, the following safety standards:

BS EN 71 : Part 3 : 1994 Safety of Toys – Migration of Certain Elements

BS EN 71 : Part 2 : 2006 Safety of Toys – Flammability

CEN/TR 13387 Safety Guidelines

BS EN 13758 PART 1 (2002)   – UV Radiation Through Clothing

BS EN 13758 – 1:2002  – Textiles Solar UV Protective Properties with measurement made in the visible light range

BS EN ISO 105-X12: 2002 – Colour Fastness to Rubbing:

REACH 1907/2006 Annex XVII (tests for presence of banned Azo dyes)

BS EN ISO 14184: Part 2 1988 (tests for presence of formaldehyde)

All products are also CPSIA compliant for the US.

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SS000W101 Original Buggy Blackout Shade Cover - Steel Trim Steel Grey Trim Buggy Cover - universal fit for all styles of prams, pushchairs, travel systems and buggies (3 and 4 wheel). SnoozeShade Original is Britain’s best-selling and multi-award-winning sun shade and baby sleep aid for prams, buggies, travel systems and pushchairs that protects babies from the sun and makes any time sleep time. SnoozeShade is made from a special soft air-permeable fabric and gives maximum sun protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. It blocks 99% of UVA and UVB (UPF50+) and can be used safely indoors and outdoors.  Snooze Shade products are endorsed by the Melanoma International Foundation - recognition of their effectiveness in providing protection from harmful over exposure to the sun. SnoozeShade, the universal fit baby sleep and sun shade, can help if you. . . worry about protecting baby’s delicate skin on a sunny day want to encourage good sleeping habits on-the-go for your baby fight with the parasol or umbrella to keep the sun out of baby’s eyes find that baby finds it hard to nap when it’s sunny and bright  notice that your baby finds it hard to switch off regardless of how tired they are get tired of blankets over your pram falling off or blowing away. SnoozeShade buggy protection is great for everyday, holidays, in restaurants or any time baby has to get some sleep in the stroller or needs extra shade from the sun. Use from birth to help baby sleep or give protection from sun, wind, chill, light rain and insects. When baby is asleep, the new LONGER ’sneak-a-peek’ zip means you can quickly and easily check on your baby without having to lift the whole cover up and let in lots of light which can wake baby.
39.95 The Sleep Store New Out of stock


SS000W102 Plus Buggy Blackout Shade Cover (stage 2) Super safe sun protection invented by a mum: Our Plus Buggy sun shade and blackout cover for babies and toddlers blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays. It creates safe shade, protects delicate baby eyes and skin from the sun and acts as a shield from wind, light rain and insects Universal fit: Our one size fits all buggy sun shade is made from a soft air-permeable stretchy mesh to fit all single width prams, pushchairs and strollers including jogging strollers. Small and lightweight it also comes with a free storage bag Easier and safer than a blanket or muslin, the lightweight scientifically tested air-permeable (better than breathable) mesh allows air to circulate easily. Keeps baby comfortable while still being able to look out. All SnoozeShade products are designed to exceed required US & European safety standards. Installs in seconds: Simply attach using the versatile stretchy straps (use some or all depending on your buggy) elasticated sides ensure SnoozeShade stays securely in place. Can be removed just as quickly. Perfect for buggy naps: SnoozeShade Plus creates a shady, snooze friendly environment so baby can take regular length naps when out and about at nap time. Recommended by baby sleep experts worldwide, it also helps teach your little one when it’s nap time Features Designed by a mum, SnoozeShade Plus protects your baby from the sun and doubles as an on-the-go blackout blind to allow your baby to sleep wherever and whenever. Sensational sun protection Ideal for holidays and days out - whether in warmer climates or on a blustery British seafront. When the outer ‘snooze’ panel is fully closed 99% of UV rays are blocked, as well as protecting from light rain, chill, wind and insects. To protect delicate young skin from the sun, 80% of UV is filtered by the la
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SS000W104 Plus Deluxe Blackout Buggy Shade Cover SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe is a great travel and pushchair accessory, designed by a mum, that does two important jobs. 1) Sunshade - it has one of the highest levels of sun protection of any product on the market. The large soft mesh window means baby can enjoy the sights shaded from 80% of UV. 2) Sleep aid - use the outer ‘snooze panel’ to create the shade and seclusion that helps your baby sleep. Check quietly on your sleeping baby via the sneak-a-peek zip. It’s perfect for holidays, days out, exercising with the buggy, popping to the shops or just when you want to keep the sun from getting in your baby’s eyes Made from a double layer of breathable, lightweight and stretchy mesh fabric that blocks 97.5% of UV rays and allows air to circulate, SnoozeShade also provides protection from wind, chill and insects when the central panel is closed or in sleep mode. It can open fully at the front, so combined with the very breathable fabric, this cover has plenty of airflow. This clever sunshade is made from a double layer of soft, breathable fabric that allows air to circulate freely. SnoozeShade was created by a mum, who knows there’s no more precious cargo than your own baby, so it has been designed and tested to the same high standards as children’s toys. Suitable from birth to four years (or when your little one is out of the pram) Compatible with all buggies, prams and travel systems with a hood or canopy – both three- and four-wheelers Washable at 30°C Free storage bag  We recommend SnoozeShade products are used alongside appropriate sun protection, hats and clothing Comprises of a double-layer of soft breathable fabric which provides excellent air permeability and flow Provides
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SS000W113 Travel Cot SnoozeShade Blackout Cover The new SnoozeShade for Travel Cots is the sleep shade for travel cots that makes any time sleep time. It’s a simple portable sleep solution that provides a darkened, distraction-free sleep environment for little ones wherever they are. Use day or night, SnoozeShade for Travel Cots is perfect for trips away from home, holidays or during the bright summer months. Lightweight, easy to use and with no complicated attachments, it’s ideal for sharing rooms at home or away. The new Travel Cot canopy has all the best bits from version one, extra features and a new lower price More compact for a neater fit and even easier to travel with Side panels that can be raised or lowered to adjust darkness levels A covered top area which means the top can be open whilst giving a shaded area for baby to sleep Side pocket for storing the top panel Fits all standard rectangular travel cots sized up to 105cm long and 80cm wide (when assembled) A new lower price Ever done one of these? hobbled around a room with a phone pretending to be a torch when you have to share a room with a small baby worried how you’re going to get your little one to sleep when it’s bright outside and you’re staying with friends who’ve never heard of curtains popped the cot in the bathroom or covered it with anything you can find been woken at 4am by a wide awake baby who’s enjoying the sunrise (I’ve experienced all of these) Then you need a SnoozeShade for Travel Cots. Benefits include: easy to use on all standard travel cots blocks up to 94% of light and bl
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SS000W401 Sleep Shade for Infant Car Seats (Black) Looking for a product to shade your baby in their infant car seat?   SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats Classic is the versatile sunshade and baby sleep aid designed for use with group 0 and 0+ infant carriers eg Maxi-Cosi, Cosatto, Graco, Chicco, Britax, Concord and many more with a rigid carry handle . Made from tested air-permeable fabric.   If you...   *  want to shade baby’s skin from damaging UV rays   *  think baby is struggling to switch off from outside distractions *  would like to encourage good sleeping habits when baby is out *  find that a change of light or environment disturbs your little one   ...then SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats can help you   Did you know that doctors advise all babies aged under 6 months are kept out of direct sunlight?   As a baby car seat sun shade, SnoozeShade has one of the highest levels of sun protection of any product on the market blocking up to 99% of UVA & UVB (UPF50+). The large soft mesh window means baby is protected from 80% of UV and can enjoy the sights.      How do I use it? Put the carry handle in the upright position and attach the velcro straps. Pull the car seat canopy around the base of the car seat. Lower the outer sleep panel, unzip the shade panel and you can then leave on the car seat and pop baby in and out as needed. Store the panels in the front pocket provided when not in use.    
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