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We love to receive testimonials about our service, sleep information and our products.

You are also most welcome to post a review on any individual product you have purchased. Please log-in and go the product page, then click 'Write a review'.

If you would like to send us a testimonial for this page, please CLICK HERE.



 Hi there,

I just wanted to get in touch to thank you.

My 3 1/2 year old son, Daniel, has recently been diagnosed with High Functioning Autism; a disorder that very commonly causes sleep problems. I have the same disorder and have struggled my whole life with insomnia.

Despite that, my son sleeps 12 hours a night and self settles extremely well. I have no doubt that it's due to the awesome sleep training, associations and routines we built for him using knowledge and products from The Sleepstore. We've taught him how to sleep using logical methods that make sense to him, rather than relying on a natural rhythm or ability that he lacks.

He has slept through the night consistently since 6 months old, thanks mostly to verbal reassurance training, but also due to the awesome temperature regulation provided by the Woolbabe sleeping bag we had him in. As he's grown we've used a Cuski and Gro Clock to keep him settled in bed through the night. It turns out that visual associations like that are perfect for an autistic child.

It all seems so logical to do the things you recommend to teach children to sleep but, to tired parents, it's not always easy. Having it all spelled out so clearly on your website, along with the support you've provided on your Facebook page, has been a godsend. I can't thank you enough.


I have been ordering from you for a few years now and have also used your sleep info section on your website. I'd like to just thank you for your great customer service, I recommend your website every opportunity I get even to friends overseas.

Keep up the great work!

Vicky B

Would. Just like to thank you so much for your incredibly speedy delivery ..I ordered my goods yesterday morning and was so excited to have them turn up on my doorstep just an hour ago !!
Thank you to all the team I will be recommending you to all my friends !!
Tess Donovan
P.s loved the chocolate Santa too!!


Hi Guys! 

Just wanted to let you know that once again, you have provided customer service that exceeded my expectations. 

Thanks alot team - you are a real pleasure to deal with!!! 

Louise Dawson





Hi There To my delight my order has just arrived! I just wanted to say that the service from the sleepstore is fantastic - i cant believe how quick it has taken to receive all my orders, which is really handy when you are buying something for your baby. To make it even better, every time we have made an order we have received something for free as well as the points we get online! Thank you sleepstore you have made my day, there are lot of businesses that could learn from you.

- Anna

Hi Louise Wow! I love your website and I am often referring you to my friends. Your specials are great, but I was particularly blown away when I ordered at 10:30am for the package to arrive at 2:00pm. Truly amazing service. Thank you again and I will continue tell more people. Kind regards, Rachel Young

- Rachel Young

Brolly sheets .......brolly brilliant!, I ordered a set of two last month & have just got another set of two today...nothing yes N-O-T-H-I-N-G goes thru them, fantastic at night no more changing the entire bed, just a quick swap over of wet for dry and waaalaah Im back into bed again myself !!!!!! woooohoooooo! Sleep store your service is UNBELIEVABLE, I live in the Far North (15 mins North of Kaitaia) and yet I can order today & the product is at my door by the next day on the Rural Delivery!!!!!! I just wish other businesses had the no how and couriers that you guys employ. WELL DONE! Regards Yvonne Eason

- Yvonne

We really love the woolbabe sleeping bag and our 1 year old is now sleeping through again as she is not waking up cold (thank goodness!). Both my sisters have got the clock which shows a sun when it is time to get up and they both love it - I will be getting one too when my daughter is older. Thanks so much for the great service you provide. Jess

- Jess

Hello there, Have been meaning to reply to you for a wee while -- I'm sorry it's taken me so long. I love your service, it's been fantastic. You're super quick, super efficient and I'm always delighted with my purchases. Thank you so, so much, I love it -- and I love the little book that you put in with my little boy's two sleep-bags that I recently purchased! It was very kind of you. Your service is fantastic and you're doing a brilliant job! Best wishes, Rachel

- Rachel Smalley

Hello, just wanted to say a big thank-you - my order arrived so quickly I couldn't believe it! I ordered in the afternoon & it arrived at the door first thing the next morning - very impressive. Cheers, Melissa.

- Melissa

thanks very much, I purchased the white noise CD which works a treat - it is on right now in fact!! Your website is great and i will certainly be using it again. Friends of ours recommended your site and I have heard since of quite a few others who use it and think it is great. many thanks Jane

- Jane

What a wonderful e mail to recieve - what a great display of custmer service. I think it's more than comendable that you really care what your customers think and follow up a purchase like this. Good for you Louise and the Sleepstore team!!! Not only do you provide a great range and send purchases out immediatley, you also care about your customers - yay!! smiles M

- Minxy

Hi there I thought the service was outstanding. Easy to order online, immediate confirmation of order and payment, and the very next day confirmation the sheets had been sent out. They arrived safely the next day and I was extremely pleased with them. I will highly recommend your website to other mums, ie my coffee group. Thank you for a great service. Cindy Rimmington

- Cindy Rimmington

Hi there, I know you get lots of feedback, but I just wanted to say how lovely your store is to deal with... the quality of every item I have purchased from you has been fantastic (including the body suits I recently received – they are just gorgeous!), your customer service is some of the best I have come by and to top it off your website is the only place anyone should go for information on sleep. Thanks so much for giving our family such a great support. Many thanks and good wishes. Fiona Vette

- Fiona Vette

Hi there Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU! I have been using the sleep store website for tips and help and has been so helpful. I made my first order (one of many to come) and received it first thing this morning! Super fast thank you! I was so pleased as the product was even better than I had hoped for..and the little chocolate it came with was great too! I will definitely be recommending you to all of my friends and family, Thanks so much again Paula Brady

- Paula Brady

Hi, Just wanted to let you know I received my Miracle Blanket today, it arrived so quickly, and has made wrapping my 9 week old son a breeze. He is such a houdini with his other wraps but the Miracle Blanket has kept him secure and his hands away from his face which he needs in order to sleep properly. He has also been sleeping much better and longer as a result. Thank you so much I am so glad I found your site. Keep up the great work! Emily Horner

- Emily Horner

Hi there, I have been meaning to write for some time to give feedback. I have been a happy customer of the sleepstore for over 3 years for 2 children. There are so many things I like the best way is to list them: # the service is super fast #the range of products is fantastic #The website is great (so easy to navigate around and all the handy links - you can tell alot of time is taken to keep it up to date) - it is easily the most superoir I have used with all my online baby shopping! #The sleep information very useful. #Being a mum of two littlies I often buy over the internet and sometimes I have doubts about the product I may get or the service I may get - I never feel this way with the sleep store - I always feel 100% confident. #My favourite products would be the groegg and the various books I have purchased - the best being the happiest baby on the block. Also I love your range of sleeping bags. #Of course I love your specials page too! #My 3 year old loves the freddo that comes with every order too! #I love that you have a good range of NZ produc Keep up the great work, Thanks, Mary

- Mary Ellen O'Brien

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU! I have been using the sleep store website for tips and help and has been so helpful. I made my first order (one of many to come) and received it first thing this morning! Super fast thank you! I was so pleased as the product was even better than I had hoped for..and the little chocolate it came with was great too! I will definitely be recommending you to all of my friends and family, Thanks so much again Paula Brady

- Paula Brady

Hi Louise and Matt, Yes I was very happy with the purchase and have bought several items from your website. I can't fault anything at all, excellent website, brillant products and such quick delivery. I especially like the nice touch of putting the wee chocolate frog in with orders really makes my 3 year old very excited. Keep up the good work Regards

- Hilary

Apparently Kieran, the almost 3 year old recipient and my grandson, was so excited he wanted to put his pyjamas on in the middle of the day to see it work!! His parents are VERY happy with the purchase. I would like to commend you on the speed of deliver and general excellent service.

- Raewyn

I LOVE the sleep store. You guys 'saved' me with the sleeping issues with both of my kids when they were babies. I recommend you and your website to all my friends who are expecting. The duvet came promptly as per usual and is exactly as described and perfect for my wee asthmatic. Thank you also for the choc treat....as a Mum of two small kids wee treats like that are a BIG boost. Thank you xoxox

- Kate

Hi Louise and Matt, We love The Sleepstore!! Not only cause we got our lovely woolen blanket from you, but also for all the fabulous articles, advice and cool products. I've forwarded links on many occasions to friends in need of information, guidance and ideas and you've been the number one place to go! You are on my 'speed dial' for any sleep queries I have. I really like the 'science' behind it all and appreciate your bank of knowledge so much. Thank you very much! Lize and my sleeping soundly baby.

- Elizabeth

Hi there, Wow, I arrived at work this morning to find my package of goodies already waiting for me! What outstanding service! And the quality of the ergoPouch products seems to be excellent - I can't believe quite how gorgeous and beautifully made the wee bamboo pyjamas are, particularly for the meager price of $23! I am one very happy new customer and can't wait to use these products once our baby arrives. I have already shown off my new baby wares to a colleague who is also 29 weeks pregnant.... rest assured we'll both be spreading the word. Many thanks and best regards,

- Sonja

Hi there Just wanted to say what a fantastic service you provide. I ordered an ergo carrier, a cuski and a white noise CD and they all arrived super fast. The advice you provide is invaluable. Thanks so much.

- Samantha

Thank you to the Sleep Store!! My 11 month old daughter Courtney Rose has been an excellent sleeper since birth. As you can see my daughter has used the " Wrap me Up" for the last 11 months and the "The ErgoPouch sleeping bag" arrived the other day and it has been perfect. The transition was easy. We also have used the "Safe T Sleep" since birth which has been a blessing because she started crawling at 5 months and walking at 10 months. You have the best products!!! :)

- Nat

Good afternoon I have just received my order and I thought I would drop you a quick email to say I am very impressed with your customer service. Fastest customer turnaround / delivery I have ever experienced. WELL DONE.... will definitely order from you again. PS... the choc treat was a bonus as well. Cheers Karen

- Karen

Hi, thanks for the sleepsack....I wish I had brought it when Harry was a little younger. The sleep still not going so well, but it is good being able to keep one of his arms tucked away. I was really impressed with your service, having ordered the sleepsack in the morning and recieved it that afternoon, and the Fredo was a nice little surprise. I wish I had known more about your products when Harry was younger and then maybe I wouldn't be having all the troubles I am now......hopefully number 2 will be a dream sleeper!!! Thanks again and I will definitely be purchasing more in the future :-)

- Kirsten

Talk about great customer service! Thanks so much Louise I already recommend your website to everyone I know with babies and have been using your website since Charlie was born back in 2008 but you have made me even more loyal with this transaction Cheers!

- Alanah

The Sleep store is doing a fantastic job keep it up. Your orders are always on time and the web site is user friendly, this is why I will continue to use your company.

- Vickie Donaldson

You have the most amazing website and the advice and hope you give us tired mums is phenomenal...well done and I recommend your site to anyone who will listen to me. Have a great week. Jody

- Jody

Oh my word what fabulous service! The pillows have arrived already. My 3 year old can't wipe the smile off her face...we've put the pillow case on and she's lying down in her giraffe tent - bliss...te he.

- Jane

Thank you so much for your prompt delivery. I received the parcel today much to my delight. I was told this pattern of grobag had been discontinued so was very happy to be able to get them from you. I spent five years in NZ before moving to Australia and I'm always telling the Aussies how superior NZ is. Thanks for proving me right!! Many many thanks for your wonderful service Diane

- Diane

Hi! I have been meaning to email you back for a while now after having ordered rather a few of your products and just wanted to let you know just how much I have appreciated them all and how brilliant your whole team is and how FAST everything arrives! I have never come across a site that delivers as fast as you do and as these things are being purchased due to sleep issues that is so appreciated! I don't have magic sleeping babies despite reading everything ever written on the subject and possibly now owning every product ever made but now both are sleeping really well and you have definitely played a part in that. Thanks so much again, I recommend you to everyone I know!

- Penelope

Your service is wonderful! Fast and efficient. It was great to be able to purchase the Grobags through your site also, as i had been looking on the Grobag website, and trying to get one from overseas. Yes, it has been so great, we did indeed purchase x2! They are fantastic. Jacqui Pryor

- Jacqui Pryor

Hi, I was really thrilled with your service and the way you assisted me when I phoned you about changing the size I initially ordered. (I purchased a Mokopuna Hoodie for my son). The hoodie is great and I love the colour. The hoodie arrived within 2 days so I was impressed. Thanks again

- Caroline

Hi there, I just wanted to thank you guys for your awesomely fast service! Ordered an ergopouch and recieved it the next day, fantastic! My son has been sleeping so well since he's been in it, peace of mind to know hes snug and warm on these cold nights too :). Just ordered some cuskis for my 6 week old so I cant wait to see if they'll help settle her. Thanks again xx :)

- Tania

Thank you so much for the follow up, it's refreshing to know there are still some companies out there willing to deliver great service to their customers! I have had some bad experiences lately with on line purchasing and it's mostly the lack of support and service companies are not giving their customers, probably because it's all done on line and you are never face to face with them so they feel they can get away with it. The sleeping bag is lovely, she is so warm and snug in it and also no more blankets being pulled up over her face, which is what she was doing most nights so my mind has been put at ease! Thanks so much for the great product and service, I will definitely be using your website again and recommending to all I know!

- Rebecca

Hi. I just wanted to let you know that my daughter has phoned from Australia to tell me that the Run Scotty Run dressing gowns had arrived safe and sound and she was more than impressed with them. Having ordered them through the NZ website to be posted to Australia, I was a bit unsure because I hadnt actually seen them, but she said that the quality of them is amazing. Beautifully soft and thick and warm and the grandsons absolutely adore them. I also purchased a Babu wide rib blanket for my new grandson and it is also amazing quality. Light, warm and so soft!!. Thankyou for your amazing service with delivery both here and in Australia. Kind regards - A more than happy purchaser.

- Lorraine

Hi guys Thanks so much for your awesome service, second time buying from you and will be buying off you again, really quick delivery, great commuication, Thanks heaps

- Tracey

Hiya My friend got me onto the Ergococoon as she knew what troubles I was having with wrapping my baby and also his daytime sleeps were a problem. so I brought one then just had to get another, which was this purchase, so I could finaly wash the first one. I like the way he can move his hands about but not get them out. he cried at first when he was all zipped up but know I think he knows I mean sleep time when he is in it. Your service is amazing, parcels arrived in a short time and website is easy to use. I was however a bit daunted by the amount of products you sell and trying to find the right one, as the ergococoon was recommended I knew what to get but otherwise I wouldn't know where to start! I'm on your website alot now, as your advice section is really good too, this is my 2nd baby but it's amazing what I have forgotten since my first Thanks for a wonderful product

- Linda

Thank you so much for your prompt delivery. I received the parcel today much to my delight. I was told this pattern of grobag had been discontinued so was very happy to be able to get them from you. I spent five years in NZ before moving to Australia and I'm always telling the Aussies how superior NZ is. Thanks for proving me right!! Many many thanks for your wonderful service

- Diane

Thanks for your awesome service. The package arrived super quick! Fantastic considering we're in East Christchurch and the roads are all broken. I was the lucky recipient of a goody bag that a mums group had fundraised for. In that goody bag was a Miracle blanket. I didn't think i'd use it, but after a couple of weeks I thought i'd give it a go. Lachie settled much quicker than usual and had an extra hours sleep that night. Now we have a 6 week old baby who has a feed at 9pm and sleeps until around 3:30 - 4:00am! Yay!!! He is naturally a good night sleeper, but the miracle blanket makes him an even better sleeper. So glad it came into my life! I love it so much that we had to buy an extra one, in case of leakages! When I saw your fanastic deal on the miracle blanket and the safe-t-sleep I couldn't believe my luck. We we're wanting to get a safety sleep for when Lachie goes into the cot because he has been rolling from side to side since 3 days old. I saw you on TV last night - awesome job. So nice to see people openly breastfeeding and encouraging others to do so. Love your work! Thanks again for the fantastic service. You're doing an awesome job. Your website is brilliant :)

- Jenny

Hello sleep store, just wanted to let you know my grandson who is two years old is now sleeping through the night. He has always been a fairly good sleeper, but just recently he has started waking through the night. Since purchasing the sleeping bag he is now have wonderful sleeps and so is the rest of the family. Thank you, kindest regards,

- Jill

Hi there, Just to let you know that as always I am delighted with the products bought and the service that you offer! You are truly one of my favourite online stores. Keep up the fantastic work!

- Katherine

Hi there, Just to let you know that as always I am delighted with the products bought and the service that you offer! You are truly one of my favourite online stores. Keep up the fantastic work!

- Katherine

I just received your email with the Stocktake special and ordered my Mokopuna Onesies that I've been dying to buy! Thank you again for a wonderful website and facebook page, I'll be waiting for the mailman with anticipation again.. Kind Regards, Natalie

- Natalie

Thanks I was very happy with the order, really appreciated the free shipping offer, particularly as your delivery is so quick both to NZ and Australia- I have two log ons one for home address in Aus the other for parents home in Auckland. One of the best things about your website is that it is obvious you do a lot of research and stock what you have found to be the best products so I can trust my purchases. My son really loves his cuski pillow, I now have three for each of his beds, here at home and my parents NZ and Sydney addresses. When I needed some advice regarding the best bed wetting protection and called, the lady was very helpful with her suggestions of which product to choose. The articles you provide free of charge are the very best part of the website and the service is greatly appreciated, the advice given is excellent. This is such a great feature and shows you really care, makes it feel like not just a money making business- obviously this is very important but by providing this support I believe it creates a more loyal customer, more likely to purchase. Thanks for everything, you are doing a great job and helping a lot of people! I have been using your website since before my three year old was born and will continue to do so with my baby girl.

- Victoria

Hi! Your products and your service are outstanding. I have never been disappointed. If only my kids could operate as efficiently! Keep up the good work.

- Nicky

gosh you guys are amazing!!!!! Awesome thanks so much for your quick reply once again, I’ll go and place the order. So wonderful to deal with a company where customer service is A1, they are so far and few between in New Zealand.

- Teresa

The BabyOk sleeping bag is awesome. My wee man was constantly standing up in bed, no matter how tightly we swaddled him and would even stand up in his sleepsack. Plus his sleepsack was too hot and he used to sweat in it. The sleeping bag attached to the sheet allows him to roll over and sit up in bed, but not stand up. Because its made of cotton we can put other blankets on or not depending on the weather so he doesn't get to hot. The first time I put it on it on the bed it was a bit of a mission, but by the third time it was easy. He is also going to sleep much faster than ever before. Thanks and also thanks for setting up a website with such good advice - you've provided us with clear guidance when we've needed it!

- Angela

As per usual, service and delivery was prompt. LOVE the Sleepstore, recommend it to all my friends not only for unbeatable prices on amazing products but for invaluable baby advice as well. Thanks Sleepstore!

- Jo

Amazing service!! I couldn't be happier with both the service and the products and am recommending you to all my pregnant and mummy friends! Keep it up :-)

- Jess

I just wanted to send you an email to say a ‘big’ thank you for your great customer service. I have placed 2 orders from you this week and both times I have been more than satisfied with the product and the service that I have had from you. What a great website you have, easy and professional. The points rewards system is also wonderful. I feel I am dealing with a person rather than a big corporate, especially when on my first order the bassinette mattress protector was out of stock and I had a handwritten comment on the packing slip saying you had sent my another product instead. I really appreciated that. Also, the ’freddo’ is a lovely touch! I am a first time Mum and you have made it easy for me to research and buy for my baby. I will certainly be recommending you to anyone I can and also be using you again myself if I need anything else.

- Heather

Hi Louise & Matt, Bubs is still on the way, so no guarantees yet that the products we’ve purchased lately will provide us with a smooth night’s sleep (although I do feel very confident!), but that doesn’t for a second mean we don’t have great things to say about you guys! Lately we’ve purchased cuski’s, lamingtons and aden & anais washcloths and all of these items are beautiful – Given that we’re buying products sight-unseen it’s great to have the confidence that you would only stock them if they were great quality and unlikely to ever disappoint. That aside I am always blown away by your service, orders arrive within two working days, and the follow up is fantastic too. Well done.

- Rachel Lee

Just wanted to write a really quick note to say how impressed I have been with all that is Sleep Store! My subject line sums it up but would like to add that I really appreciate your well researched and unbiased advice (which I have referred to many a time in the wee hours of the morning lately), and real customer feedback (both positive and negative) posted on the products listed in your store. This coupled with your exceptional and prompt service plus the little extras you do (my Mr 2 loved the Freddo frog included in the parcel for his little bro) makes you my first choice for anything and everything sleep related for my two treasures! I ordered a Wrap Me Up for my 9 week old at 5am on Thursday morning after yet another unsettled nights sleep due to untangling him from his Miracle Blanket (which has been fab and was a wonderful gift but unfortunately he can now Houdini out of it)... the Wrap Me Up arrived this morning and my lil' man has enjoyed stunning day/evening sleeps and I'm now hoping for a settled night sleep without any flaying arms! My only regret is that I should have ordered two while you had the deal going!! Thank you again from a very satisfied and hopefully less sleep deprived customer. Tara Culver :)

- Tara Culver :)

Hi, Just wanted to say. What a fantastic website. I was a bit nervous ordering online, but you made it easy. My order arrived in Australia very quickly. And I absolutely love it. Thanks for providing this fantastic service.

- Caryn

Thanks so much Louise, I really appreciate that. You guys are fantastic for customer service :)

- Rachell Webb

Hi, just wanted to say thanks so much for promptly posting out a sleeping bag (snugtime I think) the other day. Since we got it Hannah, 19months, has slept for 12 hours solid every night, just waking once to cry for about a minute and put herself back to sleep. The poor little thing was obviously cold before as we used to struggle with taking her into our bed, patting her back to sleep etc - wonderful that we know she's warm and happy now and to have our ongoing sleep problems solved so quickly. Also, we can't afford merino at the moment - in the past she sad go-go bags (she's too big for the 0-2 go go bags now and has been for ages, so has been in a hand-me-down cotton bag for about 9 months. It was really nice to get such an effective bag for only $50.

- Stephanie Chamberlin

Cripes you guys are speedy - your service is amazing!

- Sarah

You have such an amazing site with invaluable advice/information, fantastic service and great products! Thank you!!

- Karen

Thank you for the excellent service, product and advice via your website. I love reading all the articles and can very much relate to many of the comments placed. The brolly sheets I purchased will be well used by my three children. They look fantastic. Keep up the awesome job guys.

- Jenni

You guys do such a fab job, love your website, love your products and absolutely love your service!! Keep it up sleepstore xx

- Sonia

Thank you - amazing quick service and delivery to Australia -THX Angela

- Angela Pound

Guys, thank you SO much for your wonderful, prompt service! Just ordered two more Tizzie Hall Puppy Baby Comforters (you're cheaper than the SOS website!), and received in Australia just 2 days later. Fantastic service, advice, products, and reward points with each purchase. Love love love your website, and will be buying all of Eli's sleeping requirements from you! If you ever need staff in Australia - for anything at all, I'd love to somehow be a part of your family!

- Mandy

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all the team at the Sleep Store, yet again you have speedily delivered a quality product and I love the extras that you put in, thank you!!

- Bianca

I love the Mokopuna sleepsack that I purchaesd - my son actually stays in it. He wouldnt stay in his go-go bag, he would put his arm inside and back out through the neck and undo the domes, kick it off and then wake up cold in the night. He cant do this now and is sleeping through the night - thank you sooo much!!

- Charlotte

The ergo cocoon arrived on thursday and we love it!! It is perfect, easy to use for Dad and Grandparents, and love the fact that I can get her up and pop her arms out and she stays warm!! Thanks again for the great advice and quick service.

- Emma Saywell

Just love the organic ergo cocoon (grey) I ordered for our 6 month old son. He was in between wanting to be tightly swaddled and being in a sleeping bag – so this fit the bill perfectly. Very cosy indeed. And the zip makes getting ready for nap or bed time so fast and easy. And fast service from you too. Fabulous!

- Jeri

Just wanted to thank you for the prompt delivery of a recent order and the additional book and porridge samples. It is so nice to have such amazing service. You really do exceed expectations. I have ordered several things from you over the past year and every time have been really happy and impressed with the service that you provided, so happy in fact I really thought I should write and let you know. Thanks so much for being such a great store.

- Abby

I just wanted to write to say a huge thanks for so many things really. People keep saying I have a happy baby and much of that is to do with the sleep store and the wonderful advice that you get and the practical life saving products they are available at a reasonable price. My first baby was a bit of a dream and after being in NICU and put on a tight routine from birth continued that pattern nicely, however, my second was also amazing for the first few weeks and thankfully didnt have to go to NICU but when we hit the 3 month mark she didnt seem to fall so naturally into the routine. We had a week in starship with her at 8 weeks old with Bronchiolitis and when I got home It was even harder to get Abbie into a routine. I had a bit of trouble with my first order last Christmas at the sleepstore it was sent to the wrong address as I had changed the shipping address to our holiday address cause I needed it for our portacot. So I hadn't placed an order for sometime. The recent service has been amazing at the sleepstore and both orders subsequently have arrived overnight. The wrapme up swaddle has seriously changed our day sleeps and night sleeps. We still have some off days especially when out and about in the mornings but if the morning is a bit of a miss we are guaranteed a 2 hour nap in the afternoon in the wrapme up swaddle (you guys even dropped the price to match for me). I really just wanted to say that I so appreciate all the advice also I have been following the 4 month routine and it is working life magic. Took a week to get into it and now we are away. Both me and Abbie love it! Makes for a very happy household. Next goal to eliminate the 4am feed! ;) I hope this email expresses the thanks and gratitude for all you guys do. Its just not about shopping you guys provide so much more! I will be using your website so quite a few more months yet!

- Mary

Love your products and especially your excellent service. The points system is really a big bonus too.

- Elizabeth Weight

Just wanted to say how impressed I am with your service. It is amazing! I've recommended you to friends of mine too and said how good you are. Thanks for such prompt and excellent service.

- Elizabeth

Your service is brilliant. Great products (selection A+), Easy selection, Easy process of paying for products, Absolutely excellent service. You definitely deserve top marks for all you do. All the very best for you and your company.

- Viv

i thought the sleep store service was great!! it was reasonably priced with a great website and the order arrived so quickly. thanks again

- Mia

Great service, speedy delivery, and perfect product. thanks again!!

- Annabel

I absolutely love your service!! Having bought a bit on the Internet over the last couple of months in preparation for the arrival of our first baby I can very happily say that the service, delivery and range of products you offer is without doubt one of the best (if not the best) we've used. I'll definitely be using your services again in the future and happily recommend your service to others. Many thanks for your work!

- Rachael

Outstanding service - great website, easy ordering process, quick delivery and great follow up - you guys are doing all the right things - thanks so much!

- Jo

I think the service, products and advice that you guys offer ROCKS :)

- Lucy

The service from The Sleep Store is the best service from an online shop I have ever had. Bubs is still a wee way off but I am sure everything I purchased will be great! I will definitely be back for future needs.

- Amber

Just wanted to let you guys know that I have made a few purchases with you now and have had a good experience each time. Easy to use website, good specials, easy to purchase, quick delivery.

- Eloise

You guys are brilliant in the range of products you stock, the amazing advice you offer, the way in which you promote interesting and useful discussions between mums and can't fault the eCommerce side of things, user-friendly checkout experience, speedy processing times and delivery. Thank goodness for retailers like you! :)

- Namita

As a first time viewer and user of your website, I found it very easy to navigate my way around. The range of products was extensive (without being mind boggling) and the pricing very reasonable. The postage time was fantastic (Australia Post has taken longer to get parcels to me from within Oz). Great work and I'll be recommending people to use your website.

- Christine

I found your service excellent as always. You are quick and efficient with your dispatch of items and with regular communication about each step of the process. The service you guy's provide is awesome and I think a great model to all other online retailers who struggle to match what you provide. I think the way you utilise social media (facebook) is great and you provide way more than just a retail service but helpful supportive advice to your customers. Thanks for the great job you do at supporting families as they navigate their children towards the goal of great sleep.

- Victoria

Service was great and fast. The website is very easy to navigate around and has a good range of products. Also really good information too.

- Caroline

I would like to let you know that I was delighted with the service you provided. The delivery was prompt and the whole process was very quick and easy. Thanks!

- Julie

Fantastic, very happy with service, communication and delivery and product. Thanks so much

- Leisha

Very happy. Fast delivery, great price and I had a discount waiting to use too which was wonderful! i haven't opened it yet but cant wait. Will be recommeding you to others Thanks so much Melanie

- Melanie

Experience, product, service received etc all fantastic! Just delighted that I can support/buy product off you when you and your website/facebook discussion threads have helped me so much with my kids (sometime just knowing your not the only one having challenging time with your kids sleeping habits). Thank goodness for the sleep store !

- Liz

Thanks for the great service on my recent (and first) order from The Sleep Store. I was pleasantly surprised at how cheap the postage was from New Zealand to Perth, Western Australia. And even more so when I received my items a few days later. I will definitely be back for more shopping.

- Natasha Fanning

I am a repeat buyer from your fantastic store!! 3 sleeping bags (different times) and counting The website and contact via phone have always been of the highest standard and one of the most pleasant I have experienced in the cyber world Much Thanks Angus Wildblood

- Angus

I am very happy with my purchase from your store. The website was very easy to use and the Grobags were delivered quickly. Overall a pleasant experience. Thank you!

- Paula

The website was very easy to navigate around, so I found purchasing online very simple and quick. The delivery was also very quick! I have recommended your online store to all my friends with children! A pleasure to do business with you! Thanks very much for a great shopping experience!

- Lyndall and Hunter Wills, Mundaring WA

Thank you for your speedy service. I was surprised to received my package in a few days time. Your website was easy to use and it has lots of information. :D

- Siu Ling

Just wanted to say we were very happy with our purchase from the sleep store, as previously. Website was easy to navigate and informative, delivery was quick, and the summer grobag we bought has been great.

- Megan

Thank you for the best service I have ever received!!

- Yolande

I love the Sleep Store! I'm on your site every couple of days looking at stuff for my 10 week old. All my purchases have arrived promptly and have been of the highest quality. Love, love love the loyalty points too. Keep up the great work guys!

- Yasmine

Hi, I was extremely happy with my recent online shopping experience with the sleep store. The sleeping bag I ordered was perfect. The bamboo cotton is so soft and my baby loves sleeping in it. There was a 20% of all stock and during my purchase I forgot to add SANTA, I called the team the next day to explain - the money was refunded within days. Thank you, I'll definitely be buying my sleeping bags from you guys in the future. Kind Regards

- Candice

As always my experience with ordering from The Sleep Store was a fantastic one. I get really excited when there is something I need to purchase for my little one and get the chance to go shopping again on your website. Love it!!

- Karen

Thanks heaps. This is the second purchase I have made through your store so far and I have been extremely impressed with your service. Orders are processed incredibly quickly and my baby loves his little cacoon which seems to give him a bit more room to move than swaddling him up tight and allows him to move his hands to his mouth to suck on but still stops the startle reflex. Awesome product, thanks.

- Lauren

Fantastic, fast service as usual. Thank you.

- Rachel Wallis

I was really impressed with the prompt service and delivery. Living in outback Western Australia if usually takes ages to receive parcels but it arrived within days of placing my order and I was able to give it to my sister in law for her premmie newborn. I also had to contact Louise as I realised I had ordered to wrong size and that was sorted out before it was shipped. I love the product and have been using the nighties for my own daughter who is now 5 months. I will be ordering more products soon and recommending your website to friends, always great to support family run businesses. Keep up the good work :) Emma

- Emma

From Sydney, thanks for the incredibly speedy delivery trans-tasman! At first i was nervous to tell my husband what i had spent on the woolbabe sleeping bags, angel wings etc.... When i told him the delivery was coming from the sleepstore he was happy and wanted to.know if you can ship to our new home in Beijing !! Hopefully we have everything we need now... Sleepstore is excellent value for money, quality products, good customer service and provide great tips on sleep for little ones. Thanks and keep up the great work.

- Kathryn

Brilliant as always! You guys are so quick, and the mesh cot surround has been great - no more dummies flung through the bars! Thank you,

- Casey

Thanks again for the fantastic service - I love the sleep store and have recommended it to several friends. You have great products and a great website - all the sleep articles etc are so helpful! I'll be back for a couple of bits again soon. Even better I love how the items turn up so quickly!

- Ondine

Service fantastic, website excellent - easy to use, "Love to Swaddle Up" brilliant! Glad The Sleep Store was recommended to me and I would recommend it to anyone!

- Rebecca Milburn

I was very happy with the purchase, the price was competitive and the item was shipped promptly. I will certainly consider buying from you again and would recommend you to others.

- Wendell

I have bought from you a few times (as a Nana!) and am very impressed with your products. Your service is superb. Thanks so much for such service and quality. Helen

- Helen

I am more than happy to give you guys good feedback! My GroBags were at a VERY competitive price and arrived much sooner than I thought! You will be at the top of my list the next time I need GroBags!!

- Amanda Diaz

Dear Louise and Matt, When you have a restless baby and you are searching for a solution, to have my wraps arrive within 2 days was a godsend. On top of that they were substantially cheaper than in the stores. But even better was your information on sleeping and your experience with Dr Harvey Karp. We started his technique that day, and have had no unsettled evenings in over 2 weeks. You should be proud that you have a such great store, but I am very grateful for your great advice which is just as valuable as your quality products and services.

- Kerry

My husband & I are in live with your products & if I was a millionaire we would own several if everything! I have recommended your website 2 everybody who will stand still long enough to listen :)

- Rebecca

Omg thankyou so much!!! Super super fast delivery to me in remote oz! Ordered Tuesday morning already received (thursday)! Amazing!!!!

- Ilona

Thanks to the sleep store for being such a wonderful company to deal with. Your products are beautiful quality and my daughter loves wearing the merino products (no itching). Your customer service is fantastic - everything from enquiries to exchanges, etc gets a prompt answer & an easy transaction. I highly recommend you to friends all the time. Thank you. Kristan, Melbourne, Australia.

- Kristan

Once again The Sleep Store exceeds my expectations of service and after sales support. The Sleep Store is and will continue to be my first port of call. Many thanks again, Sonia

- Sonia

Hi Sleepstore, I never do this, because I have an expectation of good service, and although its so rare, I don't think there is anything special or noteworthy about treating your customers well. However, I have been so impressed with your service. Not only so I receive your orders promptly from your courier, but this also means that you are picking and packing them in record time. The communication is prompt and friendly, and even when you are dealing with issues like yesterdays server troubles, which was causing frustration for many people, your poise in handling the situation, kept me waiting until I could place my order. And finally, I really respect that you put specials on the items that people want to order, so many other companies would see demand as a commercial opportunity and refuse to discount. I am under no illusion that your business is just as commercially savvy, but because you operate with such integrity, I don't mind if I have to pay a little bit more sometimes. Well done, from a first time mum, who doesn't have time for crap companies and shit service. Sarah

- Sarah Herrick

WOW! What amazing service! I live in regional Victoria in Australia. I ordered from your website on Tuesday, and our package arrived by courier today - Thursday. We don't even get parcels from 3 hours away that quickly! I'm so excited to try out our Cuski - fingers crossed our little man will love it. Your website is great, and I will definitely be ordering again. Thank You! Karen

- Karen

I live in regional Queensland, and when I ordered some sleeping bags a few weeks ago, I also had them in three days! Some stuff that I order from within Queensland takes 10 days to arrive!

- Jan Henry

Love the Sleep Store all my orders are quick and perfect - I am always happy to recommend you to my friends thank you

- Melanie Lockeridge

I just want to say that your website is so great to use. I have been looking at sheets for a bassinet and have searched a lot of NZ websites. No other website comes close to yours in terms of information and ease of finding the product I want. Just thought I'd take the time to tell you.

- Karen

My daughter slept great in a miracle blanket. But with my son I tried the miracle blanket and woombies but the day the love to swaddle me up arrived he began to sleep ! Fast delivery, reward points - trusted retailer - I really don't know how I would cope without the sleep store advice, products, service, other parents reviews. Plus the piece of mind of their return policy makes bulk purchasing not a worry!!

- Courtney Cornes

So impressed with the sleep store (although my husband probably won’t be after seeing the credit card statement!) You have excellent service, the layout of the website is really easy to use and love all your posts on Facebook. Love knowing that there are real people who run your business! I received my caboo today and it is the first carrier that my 3 month old has enjoyed, yippee!!! Very happy mum and bubs. Thanks sleep store!

- Verne Power

I would just like to say how amazing your range of products are and how excellent your customer service is. Never any questions with returns/exchanges and refunds, and always prompt responses. Purchasing is easy and delivery is quick. Highly recommend the website. Thanks very much. Very happy customer I would just like to say how amazing your range of products are and how excellent your customer service is. Never any questions with returns/exchanges and refunds, and always prompt responses. Purchasing is easy and delivery is quick. Highly recommend the website. Thanks very much. Very happy customer

- Alyssia.

I just wanted to thank you for the great advice. Our 11 month old was still waking twice a night for a feed. After reading "8 month old wakes every 2-3 hours", we realised that he didn't actually need milk in the night time, he was just using the bottle as a means to settle himself. We decided to go Cold Turkey on night-time milk, and just try resettling him with cuddles and water. I braced myself, fully expecting him to scream all night and wake his two older siblings. However, on the first night he woke at 11:30pm. It took one hour of him grizzling and us going into him every 15min to get him resettled and he slept through until 6:45am. The older kids in the adjacent bedroom slept through, undisturbed. On the second night, he woke at 2:30am, I let him grizzle for 15min and then went in and settled him with a cuddle and he went through until 6:30am. On the third night, he slept through!! Now that he is sleeping better and not having milk in the night time, he is happier and has more energy during the day, and his appetite is much improved. I am a new woman as well.

- Kate Macdonald

As always, your service was impeccable. Your website is easy to navigate, and your frequent deals too good to resist. I am always impressed with how quickly I receive my items (usually the next day) I cannot recommend your store enough. Thank you

- Petra

I am sooo impressed with the sleepstore! The communication is super quick and friendly and delivery is soo fast! I will be making all my purchases from you guys from now so reliable and awesome thank you!!

- Melissa

Hi just a wee thank you for the prompt service for sending of the products that I ordered yesterday, they arrived this afternoon. I'm excited to use them. I purchased a gro egg and a gro bag. I will be trying these out tonight. I will definately be purchasing items from you again Cheers Louise Philpott


I love shopping with The Sleep Store as I always know that I'll receive the very best service and super-fast delivery. The staff always respond quickly to enquiries and are so helpful. Best returns policy around as well. Thanks The Sleep Store, keep up the great work!

- Cherie Bulley

I would just like to say a huge thank you for the fantastic service that you provide! We have ordered a few things from you on separate occasions and I am shocked at how quickly the products are shipped and arrive on our doorstep! Not only is the online store easy to navigate and has a fantastic range of products but also all of the free information available on your website is so helpful. Then to top it all off the two face book pages that I follow (the sleep store and the sleep store baby wearing) are very informative, have easy to access information and the live sleep chats are great! I am a first time mum of a now 5 month old boy and I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the service you provide. I feel that the information I have read from your website has helped us to all sleep a little better. I find myself often advising friends of little ones to visit the website either for information or products. Thanks again, Tracey.

- Tracey Anthony

Thank you so much for the quick response. I have put a number of orders through and am extremely happy with the service that you provide. Very prompt and professional, thank you very much.

- Nicky Walker

Just wanted to email to say I love your service! Great products and descriptions, easy ordering and SUPER fast shipping. Love your work!

- Gina

Amazing service Sleep Store...I'll be using you again (and again!) I've just received my package...it took less time to get here than something would across Australia! Awesome...thank you! :) :)

- Janelle Joyce

Thanks very much, the sleep sack arrived today. The Sleep Store is a great company, great service.

- Shannon

Love everything about The Sleep Store. Your articles were invaluable with my firstborn and this time around I'm loving your videos. I've chatted with your team numerous times and come away with a smile on my face each and every time. Just today, yet again I received my order only 2 days after placing it. You're incredible, 5 Stars!

- Isabel

Sort any issues quickly and such prompt service & good products. I love The Sleep Store!

- Sarah

You guys are freaking amazing - I love the speedy service and so does my grandson!

- Roger

Just wanted to let you guys know your online store is fantastic. I'm obsessed I check out your site everyday and love seeing your Facebook posts. When I order from you guys it's always promt and here within no time. I love reading your articles there great. Keep up the great work, you guys are doing a great job. Can't wait till you add "Little Unicorn" to your store 👍 Thanks an Obsessed buyer Erin (Australia)

- Erin

The Sleep Store really is a fantastic store, amazing range of products, very knowledgeable staff, website is easy to use and shipping is super fast! My number one online shop for anyone with babies or children

- Tracey Fisher

The Sleep Store is the must go to website whenever I’m looking for baby/ toddler products. From head to toes, in and out such as portable cot and bed linen. Love your brand!

- Gabi Cheung

I love your products, ease of ordering, fast delivery and customer service is awesome when needed.

- Amanda Willetts

Advice and support - both on the website, via email and through all the Facebook groups, amazing order turnaround, awesome returns policy, huge product range and great loyalty scheme. The Sleep Store has been the best online shop I've ever used for anything!!!

- Gemma Brodie

Amazing service, products and specials. Fast delivery and always a little something extra inside when I open it up

- Bex N Micah Savill

2 orders in last few weeks and delivery time has been very fast. An item I ordered seemed to be out of stock in that colour and was sorted promptly with a friendly phone call. No mucking around with emails waiting for replies. Thanks guys for the awesome service!

- Courtney Lowes

Love your customer service and awesome range of products but most of all love the way you support NZ parents and give back to communities.

- Charlotte Hamilton

Fantastic customer service time and time again and super speedy delivery! I ordered a product and had a couple of problems, I emailed customer service and they not only gave me some great advice but replaced the product and had it to me the next working day! Thank you Sleep Store staff, you always go over and above!

- Kellie Scott

The Sleep Store are honestly my favourite baby store. I have bought everything I need from here, from brolly sheets, swaddles, pyjamas and sleeping bags to Boba wraps, lunchboxes, humidifiers and socks...the list literally goes on and on. Thanks TSS, you always are awesome!

- Angela Mills

When my daughter was very unwell last winter with a respiratory infection you ensured that the vaporiser I bought was shipped quickly and got to us ASAP, you were really kind and helpful, it was a lifesaver and I was truly grateful

- Chantelle French

Your service never fails to impress me. Wish I knew more about sleepstore 6 years ago when I had my twins. Wrote an email recently with some newborn sleep questions and was very surprised to be rung back on the phone on the same day.

- Pei Xian Yeong

We LOVE our sleepstore drift, which came with freebies and a simple to follow instructional video, amazing Bobux selection and sales and super fast delivery. Also a massive fan of the loyalty scheme.

- Jess Ritchie

The amount of things we have got from the sleep store have been game changers. Such fast turn around when ordering, the quality in products are amazing and your 365 day return is unheard of, it’s awesome!

- Corryn Sigley

Love the sleep store. You stock so many products which are always are of high quality which I love. The service is always excellent too.

- Jayant Patel

As a first time mum The Sleep Store has been an absolute lifesaver, best bits - woolbabe, speedy delivery and Sleep Advice

- Sally Grant

The Sleep Store is where we have brought a lot of things for our wee girl. Easy to find what you are looking for, great advice and price and love the reward points.

- Lonnae Skachill

Love the speedy delivery and knowing that any product purchased is going to be high quality and safe.

- Caroline McKinnon

Always the best customer service and deliveries arrive so fast. Love all the extra articles and support you have available

- Violet Sygrove-Teina