Loyalty Points discount program


Would you like to receive a discount on all future orders?

All customers purchasing from The Sleep Store are automatically joined to our loyalty points program.

Why we give you loyalty points:

We want to make shopping with us the best possible value for YOU!

Our loyalty program gives you ongoing discounts, which you can use on what you choose.

When you combine our excellent promotions, free sleep advice and great service with the loyalty points program, we believe we offer the best overall value you will find.

As a small, family business, we really appreciate every purchase you make with The Sleep Store - our Loyalty Program is just one of the ways we like to say thank you.

How to earn our loyalty points:

Log-in each time you purchase from from The Sleep Store to ensure your orders all earn points:

Every dollar spent earns a point - simple!
For example - buy a grobag for $100 and earn 100 points. Or buy a Miracle Blanket for $39.95 and receive 39 points.

From time to time we will run promotions where you can earn points at a different rate such as double points.

Please note selected clearance priced items will not be eligible for the loyalty points program.

If you do not log-in, your order is not eligible for points.


Spending your Loyalty points:

Our program is really simple - you choose when you want to redeem your points.

  • You can use your points whenever you like, towards whatever you like!.
  • When redeeming points, 100 points gives you $5 discount.
  • Click 'Pay with Points' at the checkout to spend your points.

Checking your balance:

Check your points at any time by logging into and going to the check-out.
Use the same user-name and password with all orders so your loyalty points all go onto the same account.
All customers making a purchase from The Sleep Store will automatically earn points from their first purchase.


Returning or cancelling orders:

If you return items for a refund, your loyalty points for the item will be deducted from your points balance.

If you return the item and you have already redeemed the loyalty points on a subsequent order, the dollar value of the points discount will be deducted from the value of your refund or store credit.

If you cancel an order, the points from that order will be deducted from your points balance as you have not completed the purchase.


General Terms & Conditions:

Please note we reserve the right to change or end our loyalty points program at any time, and changes will be advised in our newsletter and on our website. The value of points may change in the future. 

Loyalty points are not redeemable for cash and are not transferable between customers.

You must log-in to receive points for your order, we do not manually add points to orders where the customer has not logged in.

Please note only purchases made through The Sleep Store website are eligible for loyalty points.

Purchases made at the Baby Show, markets, cash sales or phone orders will not earn loyalty points.


We do not transfer points:

Please note that we are not able to transfer points from one customer account to another, regardless of the situation.

Points are unique to the account they were earned on and the website they were earned on, so points can not be transferred from an Australian account to a NZ account, and vice versa.

Points cannot be used by other customers on your account or their account in any circumstances.