Comparing different sleeping bag brands

The Sleep Store carries a wide range of sleeping bags, as we've searched for the very best we can find!  This can be confusing if you are new to sleeping bags, but we aim to give you a range of fabrics, styles, composition and of course the all important budget!!

While a couple of brands are better known, all our bags have a point of difference that may make them the perfect option for your baby! Don't assume you need the most-well known or expensive brand as that's what you have heard of or all your coffee group have!!!

The bag lengths are measured at the start of the 2015 winter season - some small variation may occur. The measurement is taken from the shoulder to the bottom hem of the sleeping bag. Find the latest prices and offers in our Sleeping Bag department here.

Here's a few points on each brand to help you choose:


Top of the line, high-quality brands ($100-$200):


Woolbabe is our favourite brand and the one we recommend most often! We loved woolbabe bags so much we bought the company! So we suggest starting with our gorgeous woolbabes and seeing if these suit what benefits you are looking for in a sleeping bag.


Duvet Woolbabe Bag:

Our customers report this is the warmest sleeping bag available, and we agree based on our experience using this bag in a bedroom which gets down to 12 degrees!  The thick layer of 100% Australian Merino wool filling is unique and gives you fabulous temperature regulation and a wide bedroom temperature range the bag can be used in. The generous sizing means you will get excellent value from your bag.

Customers often report their baby or toddler starts sleeping through once they changed to a woolbabe duvet bag, as their child stays warm all night.

Key features:


3 Seasons Woolbabe Bag:

We rate this bag very highly as we consider it the most versatile bag available in terms of temperature range it can be used in. We have personally used the 3 Seasons Woolbabe between 18 to 28 degrees, with baby sleeping sweetly for hot day sleeps and through the night comfortably. No matter how hot the day, our baby was always just the right temperature. Just vary the clothing inside the bag, use only a nappy for hot day sleeps and a fan with the window open. We don't know of any other similar weight sleeping bag that can also be used down to 18 degrees.

The 30% Merino/70% organic cotton blend fabric is unique to Woolbabe, knitted each season to Woolbabes exact specifications. It is so super soft, washes fabulously and looks gorgeous.

Key features:



Nature Baby:

A beautiful range of organic cotton and merino bags from organic experts Nature Baby.



The Mokopuna Cocoono is a lovely 100% merino bag, made from Mokopuna's famous quality merino!



Mid price Brands ($60-$120):

The Sleep Store

Our Sleep Store brand sleeping bags offer you fashion styles, great features and beautiful quality. Everything you could want in a mid range bag!




The key benefit of grobags are their incredible quality and durability. If you want a bag which last well and is easy to care for, grobags are tops.

They are also developed in conjunction with SIDS researchers, have undergone rigorous testing for years and exceed all safety standards in the UK (where they originate from), so you can be assured you are buying the safest bags around.

Highly recommend by The Sleep Store.



We highly recommend ergoPouch bags for the organic fabrics, ideal for babies with sensitive skin. They are also an excellent mid-price option offering excellent value.


Love to Dream :

Love to Dream are well knewn for their popular Swaddle Up range, and their sleeping bags are also lovely.

Low-mid price Value Brands ($30-$80):

Bonds Sleeping Bags

Bonds offer incredible value - their products are good quality for the price and we get excellent customer feedback about both the bags and sleepsuits.



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