The Sleep Store is committed to doing what we can to minimise our impact on the environment.

As we have grown as a business we have found that we consume more materials - and produce more waste. So far our efforts to become a more sustainable business have focussed mostly on minimising waste.  We have been making efforts to reduce, recycle and reuse for several years, but following a waste audit in 2013 we discovered that 90-95% of what we were sending to a landfill could be recycled and much of it could be reused. We found that we were throwing away packaging fill from suppliers which could be reused, and we were also sending to landfill a lot of paper (backs of labelopes and courier tickets) which could be recycled. Since that audit we committed to significantly reduce what we send to landfill, and got it down to less than one Council rubbish bag per week for all our landfill rubbish.

We recycle everything we can. Here is how we handle the different kinds of waste from our retail operation:

We joined the Sustainable Business Network in mid-2013 to help us stay focussed and to help get ideas on how we further reduce waste, recycle more, and source biodegradable/low impact packaging for outgoing parcels sent from our online retail business.