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Woolbabe Merino Sleeping Bag with Sleeves (Winter Weight) in Pebble Design 3-24 month duvet weight front zip woolbabe sleeping bag in dusk design Woolbabe Merino & Organic Cotton 3-Seasons Sleeping Bag in Waves Design Woolbabe Merino & Organic Cotton Summer Sleeping Bag in Midnight Stars

Duvet woolbabe with sleeves

Duvet side-zip & front-zip woolbabes

3-seasons side-zip & front-zip woolbabes

Summer side-zip & front-zip woolbabes

Woolbabe organic cotton swaddle blanket wrap in dusk Woolbabe Merino/Organic Sleepsuit in Tide Design Woolbabe Organic Cotton/Merino Gown for Newborns in Dusk

woolbabe swaddling wraps

woolbabe pyjamas

woolbabe sleeping suits

newborn gown


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Woolbabe size guide

 Woolbabe Sleeping Bag, Sleepsuit, Pyjama, Gown Sizing 


Choose the correct size Woolbabe sleeping bag or sleepwear item for your baby now. For example the size 2-4yr Woolbabe is designed for toddlers that comfortably fit size 2 pants and weigh at least 12kg. Choosing to purchase a size that's too big for your baby puts them at risk of it not fitting safely.

If you're worried that you'll only get a few months use, keep in mind that Woolbabe sleeping bags are generously sized and are the longest baby sleeping bags on the market. We often get positive feedback from parents that their 2 year olds are still using their 3-24 month size Woolbabe sleeping bag comfortably and haven't yet outgrown it. 

For more information on choosing the right sleeping bag see our Sleeping Bag buying guide.



 Woolbabe Sleeping Bag Sizes

(approx measurements - there may be a slight variation)

Sizing Dimensions     


3-24m 2-4yr 3-6yr

A: Total Length

95cm 118cm 130cm

B: Chest

36cm 38cm 40cm

C: Arm Hole 

20cm 22cm 24cm
D: Total Width




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 Woolbabe Sleeping Suit Sizes 

(approx measurements - there may be a slight variation)

Sizing Dimensions     
 Size  1yr


3yr 4yr 5yr
 A: Total Length



96cm 103cm 110cm
 B: Chest 34cm


38cm 39cm 40cm
 C: Shoulder to crotch  54cm


67cm 74cm 80cm
 D: Shoulder Width 24cm 25cm




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 The Sleep Store Merino Gown 

(approx measurements - there may be a slight variation)

The Sleep Store Newborn Gown Size Chart     


00000 (Prem) 0000 (Newborn) 000 (0-3m) 00 (3-6m) 0 (6-12m)

A: Total Length

50cm 56 60cm 68cm 76cm

B: Chest

20cm 23 26cm 28cm 30cm

C: Arm length 

17cm 20 22cm 25cm 28cm

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The Sleep Store Merino Zipsuit 

(approx measurements - there may be a slight variation)

The Sleep Store Zipsuit Size Chart     


000 00 0 1 2 3 4 5

A: Total Length

55cm 60cm 68cm 72cm 79cm 85cm 92cm 98cm

B: Chest

24cm 25cm 26cm 27cm 28cm 30cm 31cm 32cm

C: Arm length 

19cm 22cm 25cm 28cm 32cm 36cm 39cm 41cm
D: Inside Leg 









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 The Sleep Store Deluxe Merino Pyjamas 

(approx measurements - there may be a slight variation)

The Sleep Store Deluxe Pyjamas Size Chart     


1 2 3 4 5

A: Top Length

35cm 38cm 41cm 44cm 47cm

B: Chest

27cm 29cm 31cm 32cm 33cm

C: Arm length 

28cm 32cm 36cm 39cm 42cm

D: Pant length 

43cm 48cm 56cm 62cm 67cm

E: Waist 

21cm 22cm 23cm 24cm 25cm

F: Inside Leg 

25cm 29cm 37cm 42cm 47cm

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