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This Butterfly Cardi is a transition aid worn over your baby’s swaddle or sleeping bag, to help them transition to sleeping arms-out. It is suitable for littlies who are ready to transition out of swaddling into arms-out sleeping, from ages 2-6 months. 

Fold-over Arm Pockets - The easy to use arm pockets create a sense of containment, as baby is used to with swaddling. By gently releasing one arm out at a time, this can help a baby transition to arms-out sleeping.
Adjustable Fit - use the press studs to adjust the fit of the cardi around your baby’s torso. The super stretch in all directions will allow for comfort and full chest expansion.
Self-Soothing – as baby’s arms are contained inside the fold-over arm pockets during the swaddling stage (days 1-3 in the How to Transition Guide below), they will have access to their hands for self-soothing
Organic Cotton - skin friendly as it promotes breathability and prevents sweat resting on sensitive skin
TOG rated - 0.2 TOG suitable over the top of a sleeping bag during any season, or just with a nappy on those hot summer days.
Friendly for Hips - does not interrupt the natural sleeping position for healthy joint development

How to Transition Guide

The Butterfly Cardi is designed to be worn over any swaddle/sleeping bag, to help baby transition to arms-out with minimal sleep interruptions and maximum sleep comfort. With anything new, your baby may take time to adjust. That’s ok! Give them a few days to become familiar with this new way of sleeping. Be prepared for an unsettled period during this time, but before you know it, you’ll have a little champion sleeping with both their arms out.

Here is a recommended timeline of how to use the new Butterfly Cardi:

Butterfly Cardi transition with both arms in
DAY 1 - 3 
Dress your baby in the Butterfly Cardi over their sleeping bag or Cocoon Swaddle Bag with their arms contained within the fold-over arm pockets for all their sleeps (day & night).
Use the press studs to adjust the firmness of the Cardi around the torso. If your baby has a strong startle reflex, start with a tight fit. If your baby has a low startle reflex, you can start with the looser fit. 

Butterfly Cardi transition with one arm out
DAY 4 - 7 
After your little one is familiar with their new sleepwear addition, you can now take one arm out of the fold-over pocket for all their sleeps. 

Butterfly Cardi transition with both arms out
DAY 8 - 10 

In this next stage, you can take their remaining arm out of the other pocket for all their sleeps.
On the final day, remove the Cardi altogether. Your baby is now sleeping arms-out. Hooray!

If you anticipate the process out of swaddling will be daunting one for you and your baby, we suggest trying the Butterfly Cardi. With this ready to go in your sleepwear stash, you’ve got this transition in the bag!

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