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The 2.5 tog swaddle sleeping bag combines all the best features of the ergoCocoon swaddle with the super popular ergoPouch sleeping bag.

As a swaddle, your baby will feel snug and secure with the stretch organic cotton top half. It allows your baby to move their hands into a comfortable position, with most babies moving their hands onto their chest.

If you prefer arms out or as your baby's startle reflex wears off, you can use the arm holes. These open or close with poppers for an easy transition, turning your swaddle into a sleeping bag when your baby is ready.

So you get a swaddle and sleeping bag in one product, which makes this very versatile and great value.

The top swaddle section is 1.0 tog stretch cotton, and the bottom half is a 2.5 tog sleeping bag filled with pure organic cotton for maximum breathability and softness.


  • Warm weight - can be used without blankets for room temperatures 17c-23c (64F-73F)
  • Organic stretch cotton with an inner layer of super soft stretch Bamboo Viscose terry at the top and filled with organic cotton at the bottom
  • Poppers in the armholes to help transition baby to arms free
  • Use as a sleeping bag when baby no longer needs swaddling
  • 2-way zipper for easy nappy change
  • Skin-friendly, breathable natural fibres

Tog & clothing information:

  • Chest - 1.0 tog stretch outer layer has organic cotton with an inner layer of super soft stretch bamboo terry. This is to ensure that your baby doesn’t get too warm while you are still swaddling and you can layer up additional warmth with bodysuits etc.
  • Below the chest - 2.5 tog - outer layer of stretch organic cotton, filled with organic cotton and lined with soft stretch terry.

Suitability & Safety:

The ergoCocoon range can be used with arms out from birth if your baby doesn’t require swaddling.

If you are swaddling, we recommend using a Safe T Sleep over the ergoCocoon once your baby shows signsof rolling to ensure baby stays safely on their back.

Otherwise use only with arms out once baby is rolling.

Size information:

  • 0-3 months – swaddle is 60cm long - for approx. 3-6kg
  • 2-6 months - swaddle is 70cm long - for approx. 5-8kg
  • 3-12 months  – swaddle is 80cm long - for approx. 6-10kg approx.

Please note only selected designs are available in the 2-6 month size.

Measurements are from shoulder to feet.


  • Outer: 95% Organic Cotton/ 5% Elastane.
  • Inner: 95% Bamboo Viscose/ 5% Elastane.
  • Filling: 100% Cotton

Fire labelling:


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Rating Snug as a bug

By Sharon from Ruakaka on 30 August 2019

Love this product, not only did my order arrive the very next day but the sleeping bag/swaddle cocoon is so lovely and soft. Better still tried it out with my little one straight away & she slept so well with her arms securely tucked away.

Rating Great swaddle

By Kirsty from Wellington on 28 March 2019

Have brought a couple of zip swaddles and have found this one the best so far. Having the zip start at the bottom helps prevent waking a sleepy baby when putting on the swaddle. It's also very cozy!

Rating Best swaddle for a baby who resists being swaddled!

By Trace from Palmerston North on 23 May 2018

We bought the Ergopouch Swaddle Sleepbag after searching for a solution for our 8 week old who needed to be swaddled but absolutely hated being wrapped. We were tired of waiting till he was fast asleep before attempting to wrap him, and wanted something that kept him warm, contained his arms and hands, but gave him some movement. We bought a 2-6 month Ergopouch which fit him perfectly (he was an average sized 8 week old) and from day one he was happy to be zipped up into it while awake, and would fall asleep without a fuss. He sleeps well in it, wriggles him arms around on his chest/tummy or up under his ears without knocking his dummy out or startling and waking himself, and is always warm when we get him up.
It is incredibly soft and snuggly, and so easy to use.
The only cons we have found are firstly that because it is very firm around his top half, if he wriggles alot he moves down in it and ends up with alot of fabric bunched around his neck, and secondly the arm holes are too small to be able to have his arms out while he is zipped in and then push them back into it and do up the poppers (say if he went to sleep with arms out). We would have to have to unzip it and wriggle him around to get him arms back inside before closing the armhole poppers. These cons are minor though - we love it and have been enjoying great bedtimes and nights of sleep since using it.

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