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This articles section of The Sleep Store is for all those handy tips that don't really fit under our Sleep by Age pages as well as tips for children older than toddlers.

You will find a detailed section on Bedwetting and Toilet Training, as parents need as much help as they can get with these curly topics.

There's inspiration for when your child is ready to move up to a big bed plus links to decor ideas and advice on bedroom safety and sharing a bedroom. You'll also find links to our child health and wellbeing advice pages.

For product suggestions, links to buying guides and more check out our dedicated 'Child' homepage here


Moving Up To A Big Bed

Moving from the cot to a bigger bed is one of those landmark occasions. We’ve put together some tips and offers on essential items to help with the move to a bigger bed including advice about bedwetting, the right linen to choose, preventing falls, dealing with early waking and much more.

Nightmares, sleep terrors and night time fears can also be a common problem for young children. Read our article full of tips and advice on the subject here


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Children's Storage Ideas

Decorating children's bedrooms on a budget

Sharing a bedroom - is it a good idea?

Bedroom safety

Decor tips for shared bedrooms


Updating your child's room from a nursery to their bedroom when they move to a big bed can be a lot of fun. We love gorgeous bedrooms at The Sleep Store! So we've been searching cyberspace for inspiration for your next children's bedroom project and put everything onto our Pinterest Boards.


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Bedwetting & toilet training

Bedwetting articles

Brolly Sheets' Helpful Tips for Bedwetting

Successful Toilet Training

Night toilet training

Bedwetting - Nocturnal Enuresis


Children that suffer from regular bedwetting or nocturnal enuresis, not only feel odd, but are often ridiculed by the people around them for a situation that they can’t control. As a parent you need to remain patient and understanding. Read our bedwetting articles to learn how you can help your child. 


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