White noise for calming & sleep

Lullabies have long been used for comforting babies and helping them fall asleep. However when it comes to calming newborns, white noise is far more effective than lullabies and classical music.


Why does white noise work?

White noise is just like the 'sssshing' and 'swoooshing' sounds your baby heard for nine months in the womb.

inside the womb, the noise is constant. And it's louder than a vacuum cleaner, 24 hours a day!!

So your newborn has already been listening to white noise for many months before she is born...and this is one of the reasons babies are calm INSIDE the womb!!


White noise is effective for:

  • Calming your baby's crying
  • Getting your baby to fall asleep
  • Helping your baby resettle and stay asleep
  • Helping mum and dad get back to sleep after night-waking.
  • Helping older babies and toddlers to fall asleep, especially for day sleeps.
  • Covering other household noise
  • Calming colicky crying or crying in the 'witching hour'


The white noise machines shown in this video were recorded at similar volumes, however some white noise machines can be played louder (or quieter) than others. For example, the Lulla Doll has one set volume which is about as loud as a refridgerator or the sound of light traffic. The Marpac Dohm also has a set volume (about as loud as a shower). The Marpac Hushh or Baby Shusher in comparison has an adjustable volume control, allowing it to be played quietly when it is close to baby and louder (up to about the volume of a vacuum cleaner) when used further away. Refer to the product's description for how loud each machine can be made to play.

What can I use for white noise?

You can use household white noise such as the dishwasher, clothes dryer, hairdryer or vacuum cleaner.

The radio tuned to static is effective with many babies for calming crying and longer sleep.

Rain, wind or waves

White noise CD - Baby's First White Noise is highly recommended.


White noise CDs & machines VS a smartphone app:

CDs and machines are created by specialists in white noise sounds
Frees up your mobile device & conserves the battery
No startling phonecall or notification interruptions
No smart device radiation near baby
Safe volume levels of sound from white noise machines


Why use a white noise CD rather than an appliance:

You can leave a CD on repeat all night
You can take a CD in the car or when you stay away from home
You can control the volume of a CD
You won't blow up your vacuum or hairdryer!


How to make your white noise really effective:

Swaddle your baby first
Play the white noise louder than your baby is crying, so she can hear it
Leave the white noise on repeat through the whole day sleep or through the night

Won't my baby become addicted to white noise?

Parents are often worried that their baby will become addicted to white noise, and miss out on the most effective and simple settling tool around. However your baby is already addicted to white noise, she's heard it for 9 months!!

Not using white noise forces your baby to have to learn to settle in a very unfamiliar environment without one of the main sensory conditions she is used to.

We find it's more likely that parents become addicted to using white noise with their baby, as it's so effective for settling. However it's easy to gradually reduce the volume of a CD over time, once you are ready to wean your baby off white noise.


How long should I continue using white noise?

As long as it's effective for helping your baby settle and sleep through the night. There is no right time to stop using it, and as it's prefectly safe, you can continue using it as long as you like.


What age can you introduce white noise?

You can introduce white noise at any age. It can be safely used with newborn babies. It is also really effective with older babies and toddlers, even if you have never used it before.

White noise is also very effective for helping adult insomnia!


Where do I buy white noise from?

Check out our range of white noise, including Baby's First White Noise CD and the Marpac White Noise Machine. Both are ideal for calming crying, dealing with colic and helping your newborn fall asleep.