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97% of customers that have bought a Woolbabe sleeping bag would recommend it to others. So, if you've been thinking about investing in a high quality sleeping bag for your baby or toddler, have a read of the reviews written by The Sleep Store customers who have purchased a Woolbabe sleeping bag and collaborative bloggers who have reviewed the sleeping sacks. 

Want to know more about Woolbabe?

Woolbabe sleeping bags come in three weights - Duvet weight, 3-Seasons and Summer, plus a range of sizes from newborn to 6 years. The weight to choose depends on the room temperature it will be used in and the sleepwear it will be combined with. Read the room and dressing temperature guide.

In addition to Woolbabe sleeping sacks you can find a full range of sleepsuits, pyjamas and swaddles. Every new Woolbabe purcahsed at The Sleep Store comes is backed by our 365 day returns and exchange policy. 

Woolbabe Customer reviews


Baby sleeping in cot in Woolbabe sleeping bag - Woolbabe Sleeping Bag testimonial - "Beautiful, high quality product"
Two girls sitting on bed in Woolbabe sleeping bags and Woolbabe testimonial - "won't buy any other brand of merino again!"
Baby crawling on bed in Woolbabe sleeping bag - Woolbabe Testimonial - "Won't buy any other brand" - Oh Baby Gold Award
Baby lying on bed in Woolbabe Sleeping Bag and Woolbabe testimonial - Oh Baby Award Winning Sleeping Bag
Two folded Woolbabe sleeping bags and Woolbabe testimonial - "the double zip is much easier than having the zip at the armpit". Gold Oh Baby Award Winner logo
Boy sleeping in bed in Woolbabe Sleeping Bag and Woolbabe testimonial - "so easy to use , and baby is always comfortable". Oh Baby Gold Winner logo
Woolbabe Sleeping Bag hanging on coat hanger and Woolbabe testimonial - "great value for money too"  Oh Baby Gold Award logo
Baby awake and sitting on bed in Woolbabe Sleeping Bag and Woolbabe testimonial - "great for wriggling round the cot" Oh Baby Gold Award Winner logo
Baby sleeping in cot in a Woolbabe Sleeping Bag and Woolbabe testimonial - "it made sure he was toasty warm all night long"
Boy sitting on bed looking up in Woolbabe Sleeping Bag and Woolbabe testimonial - "soft comfy fabric of Woolbabe, it's not scratcy" Oh Baby Gold Award Winner logo
Baby sitting in cot in Woolbabe Sleeping Bag and Woolbabe testimonial - "still stays comfy without overheating"
Tile - 97% of Woolbabe owners would recommend Woolbabe to a friend



By Jessica from Pukekohe on 25 September 2018

Simply one of the best items i have purchased for my daughter. She has only just outgrown this size. Outstanding quality still looks great after all the use it has had. So cozy and practical.You have to get one! Worth every cent.

RatingThe best $$ I have spent in a long time

By Amanda-Jane from Tauranga on 29 May 2018

We love love love our Woolbabe. We have had it a grand total of one week and I am so glad we made the investment. Little miss has slept so much better in the dropping temperatures. Even though we were keeping the room warm enough, the snug feeling that the sleeping bag gives obviously helps. Delivery as always was so speedy! And thanks for the live videos, it was what convinced us to take the plunge!


By Maxine from Melbourne on 24 May 2018

My 5 month old son has been waking up every 1-2 hours overnight (or less) his entire life. I put him in this bag for first time last night and he only woke up twice. He actually wet through his nappy as well and he STILL stayed asleep and was nice and warm in the morning when I discovered it. I had to wash the bag again today and get it dry so I can use it again tonight. It takes forever to line dry so I tumble dried on low without incident. Today I purchased another one. Very very happy with it.

RatingAbdolutely Fantastic

By Trudi from Wellsford on 19 March 2018

My son wore this for the best part of a year - we were living in the UK and it was cold! Despite being washed about every week, and sometimes put in the dryer so it was ready for wearing again that day, it has lasted so well. The only reason I have stopped using it is because he now needs the next size up... and I have bought 2.

RatingBest sleeping bag for babies!

By Emma from Taranaki on 2 March 2017

I purchased 2 of these and a 3 seasons front zip. They have lasted so well, still in great condition after being used for 2 years with my first child and almost a year with my second. My kids sleep so well in these, they know its bedtime when they go into their sleepsack, and I don't have to worry about them getting cold in the winter.


By Dannelle from Rakaia on 8 February July 2017

Love this bag! I have the old version in the lagoon and must say woolbabe bags have been amazing. I love the sleeves for extra peace of mind when we have the kids sleeping somewhere other than our place and can't control the temp. In this bag I always know my kids were cost and warm on their whole body. Also love the front zip as made it very easy for putting them in and out.

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Why Bloggers Love Woolbabe:

With The Whittakers – Keeping Warm With Woolbabe

We’ve been Woolbabe users since Brooklyn (now 4) was a baby. A friend gifted us a 3 Seasons Woolbabe sleeping bag and then I went on to purchase a Duvet Weight one as I loved them so much. Not having to worry about them staying under the blankets was obviously a big one, Brooklyn didn’t start doing that regularly until around 2 1/2 years old – so knowing he would be kept warm all night was a great relief for me. Also the fact that they’re merino – the best fabric for keeping your babes warm and it’s not going to make them sweaty like a synthetic fabric would...I like that the Woolbabe sleeping bags are super easy to care for – they don’t need washing all that often, just air them out by hanging over the side of the cot in between uses. If need be I even tumble dry ours on a low setting, but that’s a positive of having more than one – you don’t need to rush with washing!

Thanks Woolbabe for keeping my baby girl snuggly and warm in bed!


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Vink Vibe – Skyla Gets A Woolbabe

We live in a coastal surf town Raglan so chose the 3 Seasons sleeping bag for this time of year where the days are still summery hot and nights nippy cold. Skyla currently has 2 day naps so I found this weight ideal and adaptable for the hotter days (our house is a sun trap), removing layers to tees or singlets and flicking on a fan if needed to cool her room. It was also snuggly for the cooler nights by dressing her in all-in-ones and adding a blanket if needed. The front zip makes it quick and easy to slip on and off my wriggler. I have heard comments that it could be uncomfortable on tummy sleepers but I can say for sure it doesn’t bother Skyla at all – she sleeps happily on her tummy all night.



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Always Made with Love – Keeping Warm With Woolbabe

As a Mum I love that these sleeping bags are easy to care for, they actually don’t need washing very often, daily airing drastically reduces how often you need to wash it (and lets be honest, as Mums we can all do with a bit less washing). As I said previously, initially I was skeptical about how Isabelle would take to using a sleeping bag as we previously hadn’t used one, however I was pleasantly surprised. She took to it really well, I love knowing she is constantly warm and snuggly, there is no middle of the night mad dashes to check how hot or cold she might be. I am also really glad we went with the 3-seasons weight being sleeping bag newbies, it is a great all round sleeping bag. Big thumbs up from this Mumma and by the look on her face.. a big thumbs up from Miss Isabelle!



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From London to Brooklyn – Woolbabe Review

I think the 3 seasons bag is a great starting point for anyone that is new to using sleeping bags and aren’t sure what to choose as it is the most versatile, it’s perfect for the cooler and also warmer nights, you’d definitely get LOTS of use out of it! I do also really love the duvet sleeping bag, it’s a lot heavier like a duvet and it feels so snuggley and really does keep your child nice and warm over winter. Woolbabe is a brand you can really trust and they provide you with so much information which I really love! They really go in depth with how to use the bags and how to safely dress your child when wearing them- this is something I find really important and really does give you confidence and assurance. These sleeping bags are a great investment and you 100% get your money’s worth, not only that but they give you piece of mind knowing your child is nice and warm and is safe in their cot/bed. They are the most amazing quality and can be passed down through multiple babies- for this reason I do suggest that you think about purchasing gender-neutral styles if you’re on baby number 1 and planning to have more!


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Naturally Leah - We love Woolbabe

One element of our sleepytime routine is to use a sleeping bag – and I can’t rave about the Woolbabe sleeping bags enough. I’d been recommended them before we even had a baby, and I bought one as my first “baby is on the way” purchases! Putting Stella into her Woolbabe sleeping bag is one of the cues for her that it’s time for bed now. I like that I don’t have to worry about blankets – there’s nothing for her to kick off or get caught up in. Woolbabe sleeping bags are made from 100% natural fabrics to ensure your baby is comfortable all night long. Having worked for a merino clothing company, I know how amazing this fibre is at regulating body temperature – it keeps you snuggly and warm in the cool, and it also wicks away moisture to help keep you cool in the heat. The fabric is suitable for babies with eczema or sensitive skin, as it is so soft and does not feel at all woolly or scratchy.


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More Woolbabe customer reviews

RatingRelax I'm Cosy!

By Amy from Invercargill on 2 January 2017

We love this product. Has been great for my little wriggly tummy sleeper and for us absolutely fine with eczema. Kept my little one at the right temperature all through a Southland autumn, winter and spring. This bag was the perfect weight for us as my little one didn't like being restricted in heavier duvet type bags. Also even with merino it still dried fast through winter. Win!

RatingHighly recommended

By Shali from Wellington on 8 February 2017

Would definitely recommend to friends (and have done so several times). I bought this when my baby was 3months. He has been sleeping really well in it. Super snug and I really like that it is made of natural materials. Also the front zip is really easy to use.

RatingBest thing in bedding

By Katherine from Auckland on 1 February 2017

Perfect for peace of mind when you 1 year old wriggles all around in their sleep and can't be tucked in with a blanket. Toasty warm with no over heating for a beautiful cosy sleep. We have two. The front zip worked well for us as the side zip was easily undone by curious 1 year old fingers.

RatingLove my woolbabe

By Lauren from Auckland on 8 February 2017

Have just started using my woolbabe on my almost 3 month old and its amazing, well worth getting one!

RatingYou can't go past a Woolbabe Sleeping Bag!

By Serena from Whangarei on 4 December 2016

I can't rave about the Woolbabe sleeping bags enough! I originally brought a duvet weight Woolbabe when my first child was born at the start of winter and I loved it so much that as we came to Spring/Summer I just had to get myself a 3 seasons Woolbabe sleeping bag too! It was invaluable! When the seasons are changing and temperatures go up and down day to day it was fabulous to have this sleeping bag on hand to use. You really can use it throughout the different seasons and it works so well. I also love the fact that it comes in a front zip so that I didn't have to worry about my son pulling any shoulder domes off or breaking them. Our sleeping bag is now ready to use for our (soon to be born) 3rd child and it is still going strong and in great condition. I couldn't recommend the Woolbabe sleeping bags enough!

RatingWorth the investment

By Felicity from Auckland on 19 July 2016

We are both SO impressed with the quality of this product and have been recommending it to our coffee groups. My bub is so snuggly warm in the morning. It also gives me peace of mind knowing that I'm dressing him in natural fibres that won't overheat him. No other bag I have seen is stuffed with merino wool. I will be buying the next size up once my bub grows out of this one. Yes it seems expensive but I only have the one and wash and dry it same day using the dehumidifier.

RatingBeautiful for newborns 

By Megan from Adelaide on 8 December 2016

We absolutely love this sleeping bag as an alternative to swaddling. It's hard to find a merino sleeping bag that's small enough for newborns and our girl has slept beautifully in it! Even better is that she'll be in it for months to come as it's 0-9 months. Gorgeous quality and very cosy.

RatingWon't sleep without Woolbabe. 

By Nicole from Facebook on 10 December 2016

We love woolbabe, we have the sleeping bags all sizes and ages as my daughter won't sleep without one. We even brought your pj's for her this past winter knowing that they would keep her nice and warm.

RatingBest Sleeping Bag around!

By Dasha from Adelaide on 5 December 2016

Woolbabe are the best sleeping bags around. They are so soft and well made. The 3 seasons bags are so versatile because they can be used at many different temperatures. I follow the handy dressing your baby guide like the bible and my baby never seems to get cold or hot!

RatingSo Good

By Georgia from Papamoa on 4 February 2016

These duvet weight sleeping bags are awesome. Can be hard to find natural fibre sleeping bags that are also filled with natural fibres, and it's so snuggly! Takes a while to dry, so definately recommend having two.

RatingWarm and easy to use

By Becky from Whangarei on 19 July 2016

I love this sleeping bag for my wee one. She's currently four months old and the simplicity of getting her into the bag with little fuss is great, even when she's half asleep. The little domes under the arms make for a better fit while she's so little and there's lots of room for her legs to move. The bag is nice and warm, she always has warm legs when she gets up at any time of the night and isn't over heated. The bag is easy to clean and quick to dry on a sunny day. I can imagine when she's bigger I'll use the front zip one more (I bought both not knowing which I'd prefer) because her sitting/standing may undo the domes. Overall this bag is perfect for my little one.

RatingTruly Amazing

By Nicola from Hamilton on 12 May 2016

This sleep bag is truly amazing and was hard to fault. The craftsmanship in producing it has ticked all the boxes for a mother’s worries and a baby’s needs. The materials used to create this are of the highest qualities. The zips and domes are big so isn’t fiddley and are robust. This Woolbabe sleep bag has thought of the traveling trips with the double-ended zip and the back access to the belt. But when this is not in use, the back is secure so no little feet can escape and no cold draft can get in. The duvet is warm and cosy for a good nights rest. Washing this product was fine, although it did take a couple of days to dry with this autumn weather. I would have a spare Woolbabe so that you are able to rotate them without worry. I highly recommend this Woolbabe duvet sleeping bag for anyone!! This cool new design is another plus to get one!.

RatingVery Snugly

By Alana from Tauranga on 25 July 2016

I brought this for my 6 month old as summer was finishing and she needed something a bit warmer. So great for anyone needing a sleeping bag for the winter months as you can keep adding merino layers underneath it as it gets colder. It is also great to leave babe in in the mornings like a sleeping gown and you know they are still snuggly instead of getting them dressed straight away. I really like the length of this sleeping bag as it is much longer then other bags that I have that are meant to fit up to the same age.


By Rochelle from Katikati on 3 October 2016

Great product, lovely soft fabric. Speedy delivery.

RatingWouldn't be without this bag!

By Claire from Christchurch on 12 May 2016

Love love love this sleeping bag! We moved our 18 month old into this bag after she was bursting out of another bag meant for up to 2yrs and she has so much leg room, it's definitely going to last a long time. It's been perfect throughout autumn and we know it will get us through until next winter as she sleeps so warm, comfortable and snuggly. The front zip is a dream as she used to pop open the domes and chew the straps as she'd go to sleep, there's no destroying this bag or escaping it! Highly recommend!

RatingA must have

By Rebekah from Hokitika on 5 December 2016

This is an absolute must in our household. The colour is a beautiful pale pink. It is warm and such high quality. Fantastic for keeping little ones nice and warm throughout the night. We live in a cold part of the country and it was all our daughters needed, even in negative temperatures. You just adjust the PJs. It became a sleep association for our eldest and it was amazing. She stayed in it to about 2.5 years and it fit perfect. Our youngest loved it too altough she figured out how to escape it by 1. Such great quality and it has now gone to live with another family. An absolute essential.


By Skye from New Plymouth on 4 January 2016

I have a number of sleep sacks and this is my favourite. I know she is warm enough and can't wiggle her way out of it. One less thing as a new mother to worry about.

RatingAwesome Product, Awesome Store.

By Nadia from Auckland on 23 July 2015

This is an excellent sleeping bag. Keeps baby warm all night. Beautiful quality. Highly recommend.

RatingLove It 

By Alyssia from Auckland on 20 January 2015

So nice and cozy for my 6month old son. Lots of room in it. Easy to use and wash and dry. Best purchase you can make. Wish we had done it sooner.

RatingAwesome Product, Awesome Store.

By Sally from Havelock on 3 March 2014

I brought this a fortnight ago for our son . The front zip is super easy to get a little wriggler into and zipped up ( much easier than my other brand side zip bag). The fabric is lovely and soft and washes well. I even used it on a cold day in the buggy and it kept our wee man nice and warm. The best bit so far is that it arrived the very next day, no mean feat as we live in rural Marlborough. So pleased with this I will purchase another to rotate it with.

RatingGood investment.

By Elsa from Christchurch on 28 August 2014

Have used this for a year now. So happy with it! Great for when our girl grew out of her other sleeping bag - she moved all around the cot in her sleep. About to transition to a bed & this will discourage her from getting out... Excellent warmth..

RatingJust like a duvet

By Jane from Auckland on 27 July 2013

Woolbabes are the best! Brilliant quality, still look new even after being used by BOTH my kids.And they really give you peace of mind that your wee one is warm enough, cos it is just like being enclosed in a duvet. In the past (with Merino Kids sleeping bags) I always felt I needed to put a blanket over the top as well cos it just wasn't thick enough. Woolbabes are all you need! Ideally with Snugglebum PJs underneath, mmmmmmm..


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