New sleep challenges usually start to face parents from about 5 months of age, as babies become more mobile, interested in their surroundings and teething starts. 

At this age there are also important developments with sleep cycles - which make settling infants a whole new exciting challenge for parents.

Unless a baby knows how to self settle (ie fall asleep without your help) then she may cry out for you 4-6 times during the night and need your help to get back to sleep. 

In this section we have a comprehensive range of articles to help parents help their infants learn to sleep through the night!


What is preventing your baby sleeping through?

Here’s something that may really surprise you: As much as we may want our babies to sleep through the night, our own subconscious emotions sometimes hold us back from encouraging change in our babies’ sleeping habits.

You yourself may be the very obstacle preventing a change in a routine that disrupts your life. So let's figure out if anything is standing in your way. 

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